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The Ashes


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If you are not a Brit or an Aussie then "The Ashes" probably mean bugger all to you, much the same as World Series and Super Bowl mean jack shit to me.


But I am a Brit / Whinging Pom (if you hadn't noticed) and made more interesting because I share an office with an Aussie, bragging rites etc


To the uninitiated "What are The Ashes?" A Cricket Test Series between England and Australia. Back in 1882 Australia beat England for the first time on English soil at the Oval and the headlines read "English Cricket has died and the body will be cremated and the Ashes taken to Australia"


The following series was in Australia and the English Captain Ivo Bligh vowed "To Regain Those Ashes" and English Media were quick to pick up on this and labelled the tour as "The Quest to Regain the Ashes"


England won the series and were presented with a 15CM / 6" tall terracotta urn said to contain "The Burnt Ashes" of a bail by a group of women in Melbourne amongst whom was Florence Morphy who ended up marrying Ivo Bligh the English Captain.


And hence it all began "The Ashes Series" aka Bragging Rites


Dumb stupid facts amuse me

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Australia, who whitewashed the tourists 5-0 when England last toured down under in 2013-14, are clear favourites to win, but England have triumphed in four of the past five series.


And whilst NZ has no business playing Cricket except as cannon fodder, the enemy of my rival, is also my enemy,


So, one is smiling at the thought of the Aussies winning again :)

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I still, won't back NZ in the crickety stix.


The main reason is that when I see NZ Cricketers in NZ in the media, they strut around like they're the best in the world and the most handsome and the cleverest etc etc.


And yet NZ cricketers always lose.


Yet, according to this, https://www.icc-cricket.com/rankings/mens/team-rankings/test they're not doing too badly at the moment.


and this too https://www.icc-cricket.com/rankings/mens/team-rankings/odi


and they're always claiming 'records' for some arcane statistic, like ~ least steps taken between wickets....

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