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Vegan Ruins Xmas

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Ahh, revenge is sweet...


I've sent this to my mate, for use:

Soy latte's are Vegan ? nope, not in Australia, pest control of the Aussie soy bean crop, not only kills gazillions of insects, but also numerous possums, wallabies and other wild life.

Yes Australia does grow soybeans http://www.australianoilseeds.com/soy_australia/Soybean_Production

On this note, Kiwi fruit, avocados and numerous other vegan staples - use bee pollination, which farmers get by hiring hives, that are trucked around the place, trillions of bees enslaved for man's benefit, artificially confined into man made prisons painted with toxic chemicals and forced to do man's bidding. So no - not Vegan.

This of course means that the only food Vegans should be able to eat without hypocritical self loathing, is plant material that is sourced from a completely wild environment.


Tee hee

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