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Researchers Claim To Have Found Noah's Ark At Mt Ararat

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A California-based "ark hunter" believes there is new evidence Mount Ararat, pictured, is where the ark and its inhabitants came aground.


"My purpose is to visit the sites around the mountain to find clues about catastrophic events in the past," said Professor Raul Esperante from the Seventh-day Adventist Church-sponsored Geoscience Research Institute.


Esperante is convinced this is true and requires more "rigorous, serious scientific work" in the area, writes the Express.


He has urged international investment into a full investigation."The result of my findings will be published in books, publications and journals, but at this point it is too early to know what we are going to find," said Esperante.


"Once the scientific community knows about the existence of Noah's Ark in Mt Ararat, we can make it available to the general public."



For "researchers" read: Christian Nutters.







As anyone from NZ knows, the Ark came to rest on Mt Aorangi in NZ's south. Early Moriori, who predated Maori by some 2,500 years, according to oral tradition, managed to eke out an existence, largely by eating the progeny of all the animals and Christians that arrived on the ark, until they themselves, were eaten by the Maori.





There's not much left of the Ark now as wood is extremely susceptible to rot, but a some pieces were made into a bridge in the early 1920s and remain in a nearby valley




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No exposed wood could possibly last that long, so how could it be the ark? It's a bit like looking for Eve's fig leaf.


It was "Magic Wood" same as everything else written in that Fairytale

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