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Whiffyleaks: Julian Assange Told To Take A Shower

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Julian Assange has been in Ecuador’s embassy since 2012.


Staff have allegedly made complaints about his poor hygiene.




Julian Assange’s poor hygiene has played a role in the latest agitations by Ecuador to extricate him from his five-year standoff in its embassy, a well-placed source has told The Times.


Staff at the embassy in Knightsbridge have made several complaints about the Wikileaks founder’s lack of cleanliness since he holed up in a back room there in 2012, the source said yesterday.


The claim came after it emerged this week that Mr Assange, 46, had been granted Ecuadorean citizenship but that an application by the country’s government to assign him diplomatic status was turned down by Britain. “It seems he doesn’t wash properly,†the source, who has visited Mr Assange at the embassy, said...





No doubt this will become the basis of an appeal to the United Nations Commission on the rights of Dilettantes and Prima Donnas, the basis of which will be "I can smell any whiff I want to, because I am so much more notable, than any one else on the planet, excepting of course Jesus, whom I am."

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