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Police To File Human Trafficking Charge Against Owner And Staff At Victoria Secret

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Investigation into the Victoria Secret massage parlour raid by the police deepens with the Royal Thai Police are considering to file human trafficking charge against its owner and about 20 staff after three of the 113 women rounded up are proved to be underage girls.


Royal Thai Police deputy commissioner Pol Gen Sriwara Rangsibramanakul said the Police General Hospital has applied MRI test (magnetic resonance imaging) on the bones of the women to determine their ages.


The first test on some of the 27 women showed three of them are underage or under 18 years old, he said.


With the bone examination protocol by the hospital, he said the police now have substantial evidence to file human trafficking charge against the proprietor of the massage parlour as it also found to operate sex service, he said.


He said Wang Thong Larng police was ordered to file human trafficking charge against the owner and the staff today.


According to Pol Gen Sriwara, the operator is a woman identified only as Ms Sasithorn.


He said human trafficking charge would be imposed on her who is the licence holder, and 20 others who included her accomplices, manager/overseer, cashier as well as the agent in charge of looking for girls


He said the Victoria Secret case is similar to the previous raid on Natalie massage parlour in June last year where the actual owners, permit holders, manager/overseer, cashier as well as the agent in charge of looking for girls were all held accountable for human trafficking offences.


But one difference in this instance however is the strong possibility of links to organized crime as the owner was found to own a number of similar businesses and all of them have been ordered to be checked and other persons involved in the organization to be monitored.


Investigators believe that the actual owner of Victoria Secret is still in the country, he said.


Meanwhile Pol Col Srongsak Raksak-Sakun, deputy director-general of the Department of Special Investigations (DSI) confirmed that they had evidence implicating the owners of Victoria Secret involvement in human trafficking operations involving women aged under 18 years.


Most of the under aged girls are illegal aliens who have been brought into the country by agents who deal with similar establishments in the capital and the provinces to supply girls.






Could someone who knows, please comment on the use of magnetic resonance imaging on bones to determine age?


My understanding is that an MRI could tell you that a person was pre or post puberty and possibly assign an estimated bracketing of age.


i.e. 15~25 years, 25~40 years, 40~60 years etc.



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There is a similar problem with Arab refugees here claiming to be under 18 . The matter has been discussed in public over several weeks now and the result is that there is no way to determine a person´s age closer than about 2 years up and down after examining teeth, development of wishbone and dick ***. It seems to be impossible to find out if a person is exactly 16, 18 or other . I have been following this in the press and did never hear about magnetic resonance imaging .


*** Concerns Victoria Secret Massage Ladyboy staff only . Pre op .

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Seems highly accurate in 14 to 19 year old Male Adolescents. Looking at a a wrist bone - The degree of fusion of the left distal radial physis.





Not so much for Females


"MRI is not recommended for pretournament age determination for the age of 17 and younger in female."





The 14th and the 16th years of life can be determined in both sexes, but the completion of the 18th year of life cannot solely be determined by the bony fusion, as depicted by closest-to-bone MRI.





On average the skeletal development of hand bones is complete at the age of 17 years in girls and at the age of 18 years in boys.


If the fusion of epiphyses is complete and an epiphyseal scar is visible, it can be assumed, in the case of women, that the person is at least 20 years old, and, in the case of men, that the person is at least 21 years old. Total fusion of epiphyses with disappearance of the epiphyseal scar was first noted in both sexes at the age of 26 years at the earliest.





Wrist bone development certainly does change during adolescence. Before puberty the human body cranks out cells that help produce new cartilage along the ends of bones. These areas of the bone, known as growth plates, are eventually converted into bone material, which helps the bones lengthen.


Yet as teenagers, both males and females start producing more estrogen, which slows that cellular production process—and their growth plate cartilage subsequently gets thinner and thinner until some of the bones in that area fuse together, and the growth plates close and are replaced by solid bone. (That’s why wrist scans are sometimes used alongside those of the fingers, in tandem with other biological information, to estimate a growing child’s eventual height.)


The exact timing of this fusion, however, varies a lot between individuals. For example, FIFA’s own researchers said in an analysis published earlier this year that using this same age cutoff for female athletes is extremely problematic because many girls already had complete fusion before age 17.





I cannot find any material that allows one to say, 'this female person is younger than 18', the best from the above sources, that is able to be said, is 'this female person, may, on average, be older than 17'.


One hopes that the Thai Authorities have a better understanding of this issue.


The consequences for the female persons they are scanning will be life changing and probably not good.


Bubi - for males it's OK

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