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Hope: The Koreas Cooperate On Olympics


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Opinion from Coss;


There is a remarkable development in the Koreas. Remarkable, considering Trumperbelle's Threats on N.K.


Not only did the two Koreas, quietly get together and sit down to talk about the forthcoming Winter Olympics, they've come together, in probably, the closest, to moving towards reconciliation and unification, since the Korean War.


Also not chucking missiles at each other during the proceedings...


They'll field a unified women's ice hockey team. If the team does well, we can expect warm feelings about a unified Korea all over the place.


Even though Trump has already claimed credit for the Koreas talking, I think you'll find that the USA had fuck all to do with it, other than prolly, monitoring it and trying to get information, that would be useful for military purposes.


A link below, you can Google to find more.....



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Kim is quite willing to govern the South for them too. :)







Unsurprisingly for the genre, they are mostly women in their early or mid 20s, according to Kim Gyeong-sung, the South Korean head of the Inter-Korean Athletic Exchange Association.


He says they are chosen "on the basis of appearance" but also having the right "ideology".


They are handpicked from university students, propaganda squad members and music school students, according to China Radio International (CRI).


Pyongyang also carries out preliminary background checks on the cheerleaders, according to CRI.


This is to make sure they aren't related to North Korean defectors or those who are seen as pro-Japanese.



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They'll only hate the Trumpians. :neener:




South Korea says it will continue high-level talks with North Korea with "clear eyes" amid global warnings that Pyongyang might be playing for time to continue its nuclear-arms programme.


"We have to make the most" of the opportunity, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha told the BBC.




Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono said the world should not be blinded by Pyongyang's recent "charm offensive".


"It is not the time to ease pressure or to reward North Korea," Mr Kono said, Reuters news agency reported. "The fact that North Korea is engaging in dialogue could be interpreted as proof that the sanctions are working."


Ms Kang told the BBC: "I think we understand North Korea better than anybody, having dealt with North Korea for decades, having had series of discussions off and on.


"We haven't had any significant engagement in the recent past - but this is an opportunity.




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they are mostly women in their early or mid 20s, chosen "on the basis of appearance" but also having the right "ideology".


That's my preference too, appearance, attitude and attributes , very important in a friendly girl.

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