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Landmark Hotel


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You expose yourself with this posting as what I always thought you were:

as a stupid, empty, selfish gossip, a windbag.


I asked for the price of a room; not for your garbled, tangled up lies, your ackamarackus (Lügengeschichten).

Get out of my thread!

Mach dich vom Acker! = Go fry an egg!

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Was there something deleted here in this thread? I better copy/paste it here just in case.


the Landmark used to be my favorite downtown residence til one day I had enough. I did never take any ladies there ( not true ) but could confirm that they are probably the most girlfriendly place all over Asia . No surcharge . They provide a great breakfast buffet and the outside terrace is a place which I still very much fancy visiting today. I spent a night there with a mushroom farmer from Nongkai I remember at a time when I was unsuccessfully looking for a new temporary love of my life. Targeting on sort of a quality place close to Nana the Landmark is the choice. The mushroom farmer I discovered at the Beergarden though , I dislike Nanaplaza.


I see nothing in here that would make me want to fry an egg.


Go fry an egg!


Go away and stop bothering me!
Go away and stop bothering me. Go fry an egg!
Get out of my way! Go fry an egg!
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Guys, I stay at the Landmark 3 or 4 times every year. I always get a Club floor corner room and it is very nice. It is not expensive relative to the US and is very comfortable. However, most people consider it very pricey for Thailand. And I think so as I pay after tax and VAT about 8,000 baht per night. I hear rooms other than the Club and Premium rooms cold use an update though.

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For my 100 bucks, I'd go for something that is better value for money - but I can understand the desire to be right there, and sometimes a place just seems like the right place to be.


The Prince? Now that's an unusual choice, but a nod to some earlier days. And better than the Prince Palace, the haunted bad-luck hotel...

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