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This is so easy, a Kiwi could have done it.


China is warming up.


And to kick it off:


China tells world: It's us or the United States.





China has given the world a blunt choice by asking global leaders to choose between Xi Jinping's global outlook and that of US President Donald Trump.


In a strongly worded editorial by the state's news agency, Beijing said the world needed to choose between "two fundamentally different outlooks" which included the Chinese President's shared future and Mr Trump's America First policy.


The commentary, by Xinhua, comes as global leaders and policy makers gather in the Swiss town of Davos for the World Economic Forum which draws to a close on Friday, reports News.com.au.


Mr Trump has already attended a gala reception and dinner with European business chiefs.


The US President is due to address the forum on its closing day at the end of a week that saw his administration announce a new package of trade tariffs targeting China and South Korea, and spark upheaval on the currency markets.


The glitzy annual gathering at a Swiss Alpine resort has drawn politicians, CEOs and celebrities to ponder public policy and global co-operation for more than 50 years.


Mr Xi last year delivered the first address by a Chinese leader at the forum where he took up the torch of global trade to the delight of the well-heeled audience then anxious about Mr Trump's inauguration.


He was absent from this year's forum, but that didn't stop China from delivering its own message to the world.


Xinhua said the world can either choose between China's vision or Mr Trump's "self-centred America First policy (which) has led his country away from multiple multilateral pacts and infused anxiety into both allies and the broader world".


"Although what he is about to say at the globalist brainstorming feast on Friday remains guesswork, few believe this particular pulpit would be able to make him turn his back on the poster boy of a rising isolationist tendency that many fear is fragmenting the world," the editorial reads.


It goes on to say the "Xi-style collaborative approach" is the only way forward because of "the interests of different countries have become so closely intertwined that mankind has no future but a shared one".


China and the US have had a testing relationship in recent months with tensions increasing over Mr Trump's push for China to do more over North Korea.


During the US election campaign, Mr Trump was outspoken about his opposition to Beijing's global trade policy.


In 2016 he told a rally in Indiana the country was responsible for "the greatest trade theft in the history of the world".


"We can't continue to allow China to rape our country, and that's what we're doing," he told the crowd.


Beijing has made no secret of its ambitious plans for global growth in the past.


In a 3 ½ hour speech given while opening a five-yearly national congress in October last year, Mr Xi set out his country's ambitious plans to become the world's biggest superpower within the next 30 years.


The Chinese President spelt out his time frame for the country to become a "global leader" with international influence and said "it was time for his nation to transform itself into a mighty force" that could lead the entire world on political, economic, military and environmental issues.



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Beijing's new 'landing ship' could be used to help invade Taiwan, Chinese media suggests


China developed a new amphibious warship that could prove valuable in island disputes, according to a Beijing-controlled tabloid


Those vessels "could help it gain advantages in solving disputes on islands," including Taiwan, an expert told the paper


Last month, a Chinese diplomat threatened that Beijing could invade Taiwan...








This photo was dated 26 October 2016

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For those inclined to listen there is an interesting podcast from the BBC that's worth a listen. "Murder at the Lucky Holiday Hotel" tells the story of murdered British businessman and "fixer" Neil Heywood, Bo Xilai and his scary sounding wife. It's in 5 short parts.

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Don’t push us, China says to Trump’s demand for US$100 billion cut in the Sino-US trade gap


More talks behind the scenes expected as Beijing and Washington seek to avoid a trade war


Beijing underscored its determination to protect its interests after Washington demanded a US$100 billion cut in China’s trade surplus with the United States.


Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said on Thursday that the two countries should resolve their disputes through talks, since a trade war would not benefit either country.


China would protect its legitimate rights if “something happens we don’t want to seeâ€, he said....






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China is heading for a big fall, and it could bring down Australia


Live by the sword, die by the sword. That's what they say. In Australia's case, the sword we've lived by has been China. The world's biggest country has grown rich by feeding on our steel and coal, and we have grown rich alongside it.


But we could die by the same sword. China has developed some big problems and if they get much worse, they could cut us down.


The best way to understand China's problems is to look back at America in 2007.


There was a lot of debt all through the American financial system, but nobody knew just how much of it was bad debt. In America bad debt turned into a global financial crisis within a year, and the subsequent recession caused enormous human suffering across the world.


China has not yet had a financial crisis — and it may never have one — but its level of debt is looking pretty damn dangerous, as shown by the next chart.


Debt has pretty much doubled as a share of the economy in the last 10 years. That's especially frightening when you consider that China's economy has got so much bigger at the same time.





more reading at the link https://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/news/article.cfm?c_id=3&objectid=12065569




China is — according to McMahon — engaging in grand scale industrial espionage to gain the skills it needs to make those industries happen.

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