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BREAKING: Coronavirus Hits 15% Fatality Rate, 83% Infection Rate for Those Exposed; Lancet Publishes Early Study That Points to Alarming Consequences for Humanity

The U.S. news media is currently running about one to two days behind the Chinese media in covering the bombshell revelations surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. Natural News has Chinese-speaking investigators on the ground in Taiwan, and they’re scanning the Chinese media for the most important announcements.

Earlier today, the Taiwan media began reporting on a new mainland Chinese study that specifically looked at the individuals involved in this Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. We have a partial translation and link below. According to this news, which is widely circulating in the Taiwan press and is based on a study published in The Lancet, the Wuhan coronavirus fatality rate has leaped to 15%, and the infection rate among those exposed is 83%.


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If it hasn't by now, the disease will impact all manner of trade, especially tourism. This may also affect Chinese tourists. People may not want to stay in the same hotel as Chinese tourists. China's notorious lack of transparency will make it worse because you can never truly know what the real facts are. 

Because of their authoritarianism, they are also better suited than anyone to deal with it IF they take the right procedures. Almost no where in the world can the government quarantine vast areas without an uprising and violation of rights. In China they can. Of course there is a tipping point. 

This may even trigger a crash at some point if trade is affected adversely enough. I expect China to eventually get control of the problem. Its a huge population base but they will take whatever necessary steps they will to rectify it no matter how brutal. 

....and its still their century. 


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China's century to kill off themselves!

You need to study Chinese history. Every now and then, China implodes. Remember Mao? and all the doctors, priests and teachers that he killed off?

China over the centuries has made great strides forward then suddenly all their forward strides are erased! It's called history.

Psychologist speculate that the overpopulation is the cause. They have put rats into an overcrowded habitat and the rats begin to eat each other. You can google the studies that have been done on this subject.

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Stolen from Dean B,  who is fluent in Chinese...this is China's century 555

Da Shiji is the penname of a veteran journalist living in the city of Wuhan.

Everyone must understand, first of all, that this epidemic was allowed to spread for a period of more than forty days before any of the abovementioned cities were closed off, or any decisive action taken. In fact, if we look at the main efforts undertaken by the leadership, and by provincial and city governments in particular, these were focused mostly not on the containment of the epidemic itself, but on the containment and suppression of information about the disease.

The early suppression of news about the epidemic is now fairly common knowledge among Chinese, and many people view this failure to grapple openly with the outbreak as the chief reason why it was later seen as necessary to take the “dramatic action” of closing down my city and many others.

Politics first. Stability preservation first. In such an environment, science can only sit by and watch. The scientific results could not be clearer, and the authorities likely had a decent grasp of the real situation. But nevertheless they could not speak the truth, and they spared no effort in keeping the outbreak under wraps. Front-line doctors who spoke up about the outbreak were taken in for questioning.

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On 1/27/2020 at 1:27 AM, cavanami said:

BREAKING: Coronavirus Hits 15% Fatality Rate,

Mr Cavanami being a reliable source for any kind of internetbased nonsense this is another fine example. Fatality rate of 15 % would mean about 900 dead against 6000 infected. Would I have to visit China right now I would just do it by wearing a ( useless) mask and rubber gloves at any time except possible boomboom. This virus spreads by physical contact and washing hands all the time is essential.

In general: the current panic-virus causes influenza-like disease with feaver and could be fatal to people whose body-defences are weak because they are old or sick. This is not the black death. The current panic-virus is much less lethal than the yearly ordinary standard influenza-spreading that kills thousands of people in Germany alone each winter. ( Cav : due to migrants, Merkel, coloured people and general socialism).

Unless the Chinese stop eating anything that moves it will happen again and again.

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Once I stopped for a bite to eat, at a road side bbq stall in Northern Laos, on offer were, bats on a stick, cooked of course, but they were so black and shrivelled and smelt like diesel and had been sitting in the sun all day, that I chose not to buy any, nor eat any.

In retrospect a wise choice, that surely allows me to post this today....

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Doubts have been raised about the official death toll, however, with claims Chinese authorities have been cremating bodies in secret.

Chinese-language news outlet Initium interviewed people working at local cremation centres in Wuhan, who said bodies were being sent directly from hospitals without being properly identified and added to the official record.

"So there are reasons to remain sceptical about what China has been sharing with the world because while they have been more transparent about certain things related to the virus, they continue to be sketchy and unreliable in other aspects," said DW News East Asia correspondent William Yang.

Scientists say there are still many questions to be answered about the new virus, including just how easily it spreads and how severe it is.


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