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IRONY- you know, like steel, but more, well, Irony...

Angry over campus speech by Uighur activist, students in Canada contact Chinese consulate, film presentation 

.....They were furious that a woman they considered a separatist would be given a platform to speak. So they rallied in a chat group and reached out to a familiar source of guidance: the Chinese government. .....



I find this amusing, because the reason, the Chinese Students are at McMaster University, in Ontario, is because like most Western Universities, the tenet of Free Speech is integral to the fabric of such universities and make them the excellent institutions of learning that they are and that Chinese students, are so desirous to attend...  Dumb-asses...

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IRONY- you know, like steel, but more, well, Irony... Angry over campus speech by Uighur activist, students in Canada contact Chinese consulate, film presentation  .....They were furious tha

I can't offer a riposte to that, on account of I agree with you.

This event was what ushered in the Federal Reserve. As you may know a quasi private/public, secret organization that controls our money supply. The reason why Morgan and the leading banks of the day l

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Today I read in the newspaper that the government of New Zealand shall limit the activity of Chinese company Huawei in future for reasons of national safety. The Chinese government therefore taking revenge plans to limit the numbers of Chinese tourists visiting New Zealand.


If this is true I call the governments at least of Siam and Italy to ban Huawei right away from any sales in their countries.



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As Cav can confirm, NZ fell into line with,  'merica, Straya and those other ones, in not wanting Huawei anywhere near the provision of the 5G telephonics provisioning.

Our feckless media are now hunting down stories about how the NZ China relationship, is a ship crashing onto rocks, that are falling off the edge of a flat earth, heading into a black hole, that's about to be swallowed by a supernova, that your mum doesn't approve of.

I agree with you about banning sales of anything Huawei, I once had to use a Huawei phone for business reasons, it ran Android OS, as I remarked to the Business owner, there's only half an Android in there...

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Hong Kong has been defying China's wishes, in regard to protests, the idea of democracy, the usual, it's all over the news as I'm sure everyp one has seen, and then there's this - 

Satellite photos appear to show Chinese troops near Hong Kong


This Maxar Technologies satellite image appears to show vehicles inside the Shenzen Bay Sports Centre, in a city which borders Hong Kong.


'cause if we put 'em inside a sports centre, no-one can see them :)

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It's China's century. There will be bumps but so far and I see no reason to think otherwise, its their century and America will take a back seat. America does not have the collective will, an enough of a consensus to fight it off. 

There were always certain large scale goals in America that was bigger than partisan politics that helped it grow....exploring the rest of the continent under Lewis and Clark, the transcontinental railroad linking both oceans, the interstate highway system, fighting communism, putting a man on the moon. A Democrat initiated it (JFK) and a Republican welcomed them back (Nixon) and neither party took credit for it. Same as the aforementioned. It was bigger than both and it was kept out of party/partisan politics, these things were constant no matter who controlled Congress or the White House. The last two vestiges were in foreign policy, pro Israel, anti Cuba was a mainstay. 

Can anyone tell me any project of national importance that is supported by both parties and is kept above party politics? Exactly. 

Xi has near dictatorial powers and with that they have a long term plan. That plan may or may not work, it may have to be tweaked or changed if circumstances change but they have a plan and America doesn't. America has a 2 year cycle for any plan, the plan last until the next electoral process every 2 years. 


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4 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

Can anyone tell me any project of national importance that is supported by both parties and is kept above party politics? Exactly.

From an outsider's view ::

The project that is, endeavouring to cement the Trump clan, as 'Royalty'.

Promoted by the Republicans and with the opposition Democrats, bending over backwards, to not, run the Trumps out of town on a rail.

There's your new social order, there used to be the Kennedys as the USA royals, the Bush clan had a go, now the Trumps want the gold toilet.



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Long term I don't see Hong Kong's resistance lasting. It's valiant but it's not going to last. Why? The mainland has the money, military and patience. Secondly, there isn't any nation of importance that is willing to defend Hong Kong. Right now, China is a bit worried about how it would look if it crushed it physically. Tiananmen Square anyone? Eventually, they will do what America has often done, as well as the British before them, the Spanish before them all the way back to the Romans and prior. They will use might and damn who likes it because they will have the economic, military and political clout to last. 

My guess is they will start with imprisoning a few, some may mysteriously die, there will bought off if possible, but eventually by hook or crook, Hong Kong will 'bend the knee' if I may quote The Game Of Thrones. They will always have that democratic, self governing spirit that was instilled from distant, hands off British rule for a century but it won't materialize into anything of consequence. 

Taiwan to follow. It will be long term and a tougher nut to crack but America, it's biggest ally and supporter has already abandoned them. 

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