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I think Bannon and others are over optimistic with regards to China. China is behaving no differently than any emerging power in the cusp of being the strongest in its era. America did the same. America went into conflicts without too much of a thought of what the world thinks because no group of nations of significance was going to risk America's ire. The British empire behaved the same, The Spanish empire, all the way back to the Romans and Persians before them. 

It's just the way of the world for apex powers. 

Question. What would happen if China said 'Enough! and sent in troops and squashed it by any means? Really? Would there be UN sanctions? Russia doesn't even carry the same power and took Crimea with only being booted out of the G8 for it and some sanctions that even now are being talked about by Trump to end along with a call for their inclusion back into the G8. And China has far more international power than Russia. 

The media would talk about it as I said in a prior post, some vague rumblings by a Senator or two and an MP or two in the Parliament and 'this is worrisome' coming from the PM and Trump but nothing of consequence. No sanctions, boycotts, no UN declarations. China is too powerful now. Again, its their century and as much as I hate to see what they would do with that power, it would be hypocritical not to say America and others have done the same. 

Also, Xi has pretty much iron clad rule. There is no dissent of any consequence internally. He has played chess with regards to internal politics in the party. He has near supreme power. 

HK will always have an independent spirit but it won't amount to much. China has the say so over its ports, airports, etc. Economically China has them by the short and curlies. HK economy will hurt as a result of China but in the long run, they will "bend the knee" , albeit reluctantly, to borrow from my favorite show, Game of Thrones. 


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Because to be taken seriously, any world leader needs to be paraded around standing in a jeep with 4, count 'em 4, microphones.






Wait for Trump to be driven around in the biggest Monster truck ever made with several hundred microphones....

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The rise in economic power is nothing short of amazing. in 1980 they were a poor, backwards nation nearly 40 years later on the verge of being the world's biggest economy. And most of that growth happened in a 10 to 15 year span. Nothing short of astounding (as well as amazing..lol). Gotta give the devil their due. 

It remains to be seen just how badly they will be affected by the impending global crash/recession and how they emerge from it. They have a huge housing bubble. Biggest in world history if the reputed numbers are true. Also, their wealth class is trying desperately to move their wealth out of the country. Unique for a country of their economic size. America, Japan, Germany's rich didn't all try and move their money out of the country. China's is trying and that is unique and demonstrates that if you don't have a rule of law that is fair to everyone, people vote with their money. No matter what the situation is in the other large economies (the aforementioned), they have a strong rule of law and its not arbitrary and when its changed, its by popular consent. 

Xi can and does change rules at his liking and generally lasting economies if you look at economic history has two things that maintains wealth. 1. the rule of law that applies to everyone fairly and 2. freedom be it movement of capital, civil freedoms, etc. Roman law, English Common law, American constitutional law, these foundations helped those nations maintain wealth for centuries. 

China (and Russia via oligarchs) have had their rich export wealth because their country lacked the aforementioned laws and they had no faith in their respective leaders not changing things arbitrarily. 

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And remember Communism is something all Americans should oppose, right?

So the leader (for the moment), of the Americans, says...

“Congratulations to President Xi and the Chinese people on the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China!” Trump tweeted. Fan boy?

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I think we will eventually see China being targeted by Islamic terrorists/fundamentalists over this issue and I also think they will get involved in mid east issues because of their need for oil and if America pulls back from interaction such as protecting gulf tankers and such, China will fill that void. 



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The silence from the Moslem world about what the Chinese are doing to fellow Moslems shows us just how powerful China is. Had this been the US or England or just about any other country, there would be attacks on their respective embassies in that country, etc. 

Not a peep as far as I know (and I am open to be corrected). This is China's century. Everyone knows it. And the silence from the Moslem world is another indicator of the fear of China, especially as compared to America. 

Ironically enough the outrage has come from the people of the same countries Moslem extremists have targeted. 

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