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China carrying out 'intense' global attack on rights: HRW


NEW YORK - China is using its economic and diplomatic might to carry out the "most intense attack" ever on the global system for protecting human rights, a leading campaign group said Tuesday.

Human Rights Watch made the allegation in its annual report, launched in New York two days after executive director Kenneth Roth was barred from entering Hong Kong to release it there.

The NGO accuses President Xi Jinping's government of overseeing "the most brutal and pervasive oppression that China has seen for decades," including building a "nightmarish surveillance system" in Xinjiang province.

To fend off global efforts to hold it to account, Beijing has "significantly increased" efforts to undermine the international institutions created in the mid-20th century to defend human rights, HRW said.

"Beijing has long suppressed domestic critics. Now the Chinese government is trying to extend that censorship to the rest of the world," Roth said in the 652-page report.

"If not challenged, Beijing's actions portend a dystopian future in which no one is beyond the reach of Chinese censors, and an international human rights system so weakened that it no longer serves as a check on government repression," he added.



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Facebook blames 'technical issue' for offensive Xi Jinping translation

On Saturday, Mr Xi met Myanmar's leader Aung San Suu Kyi to enhance bilateral relations.

In Burmese Facebook posts about their meeting, Mr Xi's name in English was translated erroneously.

His name appeared as "Mr Shithole" in Facebook posts shared on the official accounts of Ms Suu Kyi and her office.



Sounds like the correct translation to me.   :rotl:


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It's China's century. Nothing anyone can do about it. The last century was America's century. Nothing anyone could about America at that time. Plenty of precedents for China to behave badly. It's what nations who rule their era do. Who is gonna stop China? 

One of the biggest evidences of China's power is the Uighur situation. Any other country doing that same thing, including America will be targeted for jihad. The islamic world haven't said a peep. Haven't done shit. No one is fucking with China.

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This is China's century...they have a lot of sins to pay for with all the pollution in CHina, with all their human rights violations, etc etc etc

China confirmed that the deadly Wuhan virus sweeping the country can spread from human to human, increasing the risk of an epidemic

China's mysterious deadly coronavirus can spread from person to person, China's top medical authority announced on Monday. 

Chinese and international authorities are scrambling to slow the spread of 2019-nCoV, a SARs-like illness known as the Wuhan virus because the infection originated in a seafood and meat market in the central Chinese metropolis.

Authorities initially believed the illness was largely being transmitted from animals to humans. Confirmation that it can move directly between people makes the threat even more severe, and increases the risk to other countries.


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44 minutes ago, buffalo_bill said:

I believe the virus has been there all the time and just now jumped out of Hillary´s email server. Wait for details from  Dr Corsi and the nervous Patriot.

Bubi, you are soooooo clever....you got everything under control in Germany??? How's the new training going for the police???

Berlin police recruits must 'learn German before English'

The new head of the Berlin Police Academy has said that police trainees should close their English textbooks and open their German ones instead. The training program has been criticized for falling German levels.


Amid controversy, Germany's police struggle to find recruits

Serious accusations leveled at the Berlin police academy include violent and even criminal trainees. Meanwhile, police forces around the country are struggling to find suitable recruits.


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