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Formula 1: 'grid Kids' To Replace 'grid Girls' From Start Of The Season


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Formula 1 is to replace 'grid girls' with a new programme called 'grid kids' this season.


F1 bosses plan to use budding racing drivers "to make the pre-race ceremony more relevant and interesting for fans, especially the younger ones".


The sport said last week it would no longer be using female promotional models on the starting grid.


The children used will be competitors in karting or junior categories, chosen by national motorsport authorities.


A joint statement from governing body the FIA and the F1 Group said the choice would be made "on merit or by lottery".


FIA president Jean Todt said: "Formula 1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and the dream of every young racer competing the junior series that make up the FIA's single-seater pyramid, from karting all the way to F1.


"We are therefore delighted to bring that dream a little closer by giving the future champions of our sport the opportunity to stand alongside their heroes on the grid in the build-up to the race start.


"For the wider FIA, this is an excellent initiative that provides additional support to our member (sporting authorities) in their efforts to grow motorsport worldwide through a unique reward they can make available to youngsters participating in their national series."


F1 managing director of commercial operations Sean Bratches said he hoped the opportunity to "stand beside their heroes" would be for the children chosen "an unforgettable experience for them and their families" and "an inspiration to keep driving, training and learning so that they can dream of one day being there themselves".


He added: "What better way to inspire the next generation of Formula 1 heroes?"


Bratches said last week that using 'grid girls' "does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms".






Get rid of the gals and appeal to the paedophiles! :nono:

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No, but oddly I think my kids would like them


Took a while to find, but I remembered seeing this on Naughty Tokyo (A cool website for Taokyo and Japan fun)


Now I think it's ok kids to be models, but a Grid Girl?



However, their gaze has now landed upon a more controversial model – a 13-year-old girl who modeled as a race queen in a superbike race called the 48th MFJ Grand Prix.

At the time when the photo was taken, 12-year-old Momoka Kurita was an elementary school student taking ballet, dance, singing, piano, guitar, gymnastics and modeling classes. While many might argue that Kurita should be spending more time at school rather than in the adult world of modeling, Kurita says she enjoys what she’s doing, and her mother is supportive of whatever she does.

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Check out "Making The Team" on CMT. About the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and what it takes to make the squad, it has been running for years now. They do a new sequence every year, starting with tryouts.


Those girls work HARD to make it through tryouts, through workouts, and through the cutting process that ends with that year's final Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders squad. The pressure on them is INCREDIBLE, and NONE of that pressure is artificial or TV drama.


The head of the organization once said she'd love to put every girl who tried out onto the squad, but then it wouldn't be the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.


One of the fun moments every year is seeing how she finally tells the final squad that they've all made it. My personal favorite: she'd had them lined up in two lines. She told them to line up in one line, as though for kick line practice. "Look to the left." Everyone looked left. "Look to the right." Everyone looked to the right. Look straight ahead, at yourselves in the mirror." Everyone looked straight ahead. "You are looking at the <year> Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders!" It took a moment for it to sink in, and then the girls went crazy, screams of delight, tears, you name it.

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