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The Ghosts Of Nana Hotel

My Penis is hungry

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So I'm back in BKK in early March.


I'm thinking, do I stay a night at the Nana just to relive ancient memories?


Are any of the old guys still down stars or are Izzies, Alec, and the rest now ghosts?


Given how superstitious Thai's are, maybe I'll fuck with their fears and put up a little "offering" to Alec et Al, the Thais would be too scared to remove it, and that in turn would force them to think that maybe the ghosts of former patrons are there in the foyer?


I'm sure that many of the original staff are still there, they are at the Thermae


Going a bit further, I could get a cousin of my wife to come in and make an offering for her (fake but fun) dead niece who "died heart broken in the hotel one night after being rejected by her 4th true love of the evening".


Should I?

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