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Two At A Time

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I don't know, was it?


It was a very interesting chat.


The guy also gave me a VERY good bit of advice, with examples. If you HAVE to have some dealing with the Thai government, HAVE YOUR THAI WIFE TALK TO THEM. She knows how to deal with them, how to play the games. You don't.


I'd pretty much guessed who you referred to in the last post, now I know for sure. Not me but a friend, he's got a good few years on me.

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The 2-wife concept is actually something I do strongly support although I may recommend to organize the project in a way that they do not know about each other .


Nuff said.

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I had two partners for five years in Australia when I was in my mid to mid twenties.


It ended when one wanted to travel overseas and the other decided to join her.


What was funny was my family accepted the arrangement. They'd both be welcome at family BBQs and if either one was not there as they both did weird shift work, the family would ask after her and send home food.


Years later, after we'd finished they'd both still visit my mum and even now, 30 years later talk to me and ask after mum and family.


My oldest sister believed all women are both bisexual and polygamous.


In Thailand, when I had a bit of a downturn, we moved to our village and my wife went in search of a second wife for me.


What's not mentioned so far is traditionally the first wife chooses the second and or other wife's.


The wife she chose was stunningly beautiful, Great fuck, but totally brain did, so I refused. ( Another rule you can't fuck a prospective second wife so my wife doesn't know I fucked her)


The girl the wife suggested was already engaged, and had a good dowry from a local boy but her mother wanted to cancel that engagement for me. Note I never paid dowry and she knew that, but the mother knew I looked after my family better in the long term.


So I remain with only one wife, and until recently a Mia Noi on the side.


I'd often point out girls I liked to my wife, two I absolutely thought perfect. Both rejected by my wife, as obviously too much competition to her.


There's a lot of politics in Thai multiple marriages. Not though in Australia.


A bloke in our village, just a car park guard, has twin Sisters as wife's. Fuck it's not about the money obviously, but long term support.


My son twice has had "girlfriends" who have been twins, he's too young to really have girlfriends but the parents both times approved!


Thailand can be a wonderful place.


My best years oddly my worst when my business was down, my personal life soared.


I haven't lived in the village three years but went back at Christmas and put on a morlam, a few pigs, booze, and as usual bought every child and old person a small gift in the village.


My mate from Tahiti came with us at Christmas and was very amazed as my wife presented to me in front of the village, on the Morlam stage, 4 different girls I had as long term girlfriends during my life in the village. Each came up for a public kiss and cuddle, too much enjoyment from all.


Was a great time to be broke, and now I'm not broke life is no where as much fun.

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