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New Zealand Thread

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As we've noted in the past, Aussie is the USA for beginners , NZ is the UK for beginners and it would appear that, Christchurch is the  English class system for beginners, but now with a wrecked cathedral c/o God &c


And to continue this theme, Christchurch is where the NZ fascination with Cricket began.

Even though there is a stalwart group, in our otherwise egalitarian society, whom, insist that Cricket is for persons of class, that NZ is good at this sport and do slavishly follow and promote it, the majority of NZ folk follow rugby and go fishing in summer (summer is cricket time).

As to 'Kong's reference to N Z losing a recent cricket match to Engerlund, I and most Kiwis, would have been surprised if they'd won, on account of those Cricket wallahs, rarely win anything.



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I see that God isn't helping, any more, the Bishop of Christchurch has decided to demolish the knackered Cathedral.



And whilst we are a small country - population of New Zealand is 4,791,634, as of Wednesday, June 26, 2019, we do like to stand our ground, with the other fellas...

Government raises interference concerns with China - https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/114804860/govt-raises-interference-concerns-with-china


And we do have a surprisingly large amount of country to spread the people across - compared to the person dense other fellas.






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