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New Zealand Thread

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I went to a mall today and it looked like Bangkok is almost back to normal. Temperature checks at the entrance, but those were the only ones I saw. Most of the restaurants are open again with couples and groups sitting together again. Masks on except when eating, but overall it is much more relaxed than even two weeks ago. Filled with people, but of course the swimming pool and cinema were still closed.

New Zealanders "proud" to have their lives back

New Zealanders hugged and kissed, shopped, and planned parties on Tuesday as the country took off all coronavirus restrictions for the first time in more than three months. - REUTERS


Did they stick out their tongues at each other?

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The Hongi is  lot less prevalent, but given that we don't have any Covid-19 anymore (unless it's evolved, to hidden and harmless) I would think that we'll be sniffing each other's behinds in very short order.



Hongi - That chap who reckons that Prince Charles is his Dad and a NZ road worker (Fulton Hogan does the roads down this way)


Oh and more important than anything, Rugby!

Super Rugby Aotearoa (coz the other countries can't field teams yet)

Shortly after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that New Zealand was moving to Alert Level 1, New Zealand Rugby confirmed that the doors to Forsyth Barr Stadium will be open when they start the competition against the Chiefs on Saturday.

Auckland's Eden Park will also welcome in fans for the Blues' much-awaited match against the Hurricanes on Sunday.


Woo hoo!

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