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Coss, I can't help but think two things


<<On day 16, IFF had a meltdown, due to there being no cellphone coverage at the overnight spot.  >>


1 - Day 16? WTF? I don't even travel with my family for more that 2 weeks, a week even is a stretch at confined quarters


2 - You seemed to be surprised by them, but you've known IFF for three years, just IMHO you really need to vet who you make plans with so you aren't taken by surprise in the future. Ask them to cook for you and have a game of cards and chess before you take people on an extended tour, tour I use loosely, annual migration perhaps.


Oddly my conversation with the telco's was addressing exactly the lack of coverage.


16 days? WTF????


Your nuts my friend

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I had dinner with some people who hail from middle eastern parts yesterday, and they were as shocked as the rest of us are. These folk are such kind people, that they volunteer at the local commu

Remembering in this instance, that the Haka is a sign of respect, and solidarity, for the victims, and their families.

See what the education system has come to? Cant write, can't comprehend, can't understand..... Protest about it, but don't learn, ff'n foofs...

Posted Images

Why thank you, yes nuts, is pretty much how I am these days.

Re ::

1 - when the NLIFs (No Longer Iranian Friends) suggested the trip, in retrospect, I was being asked (groomed even) to use my knowledge and skills, having done the trip 4 times before over the years. So they would not have to do any of the organising. 21 days is a minimum, to drive around the whole of the S.I. and to and from the N.I. without driving all the time. It can be done in less, but then you don't stop much. We settled on a 'drive for 3~5 hrs each day' with a few days of not much driving, if at all. In excess of 5,000 km it was.

2 - quite right, I guess our trusting nature was taken advantage of and as MLG put it, after some reflection : "They are very good, at pretending to appreciate us but really they don't care"  Lao Wisdom. My view - they've spent their lives telling people what is needed, to get University qualifications (none of which are recognised in NZ), what is needed, to gain Immigration approval in NZ and both of them in their mid forties,  still, are studying. I cannot find any recollection or evidence, of them actually having a job, in their fields and their practical skills, in their chosen fields are certainly non existent. They both are quite intelligent, but as Nora Batty says, "all mouth no trousers".

vis vodafone - this is the map I pulled up on my iPhone to show them, what their (vodafone) coverage was https://www.vodafone.co.nz/network/coverage/ 

The engineer seemed quite surprised that such a thing existed. He also thought that when his Huawei trinket said 'vodafone' next to no bars of signal strength, that the word meant coverage. I tried to tell him, that it just meant, that he had a vodafone sim in his trinket, but he wasn't having any of it, nor would his trinket work with no signal bars...

And so I can stop recollecting, here is one last little piece of unease -

Often, when they would jump out to take photos, MLG and I would stay in the van for some reason, one of them would fiddle with their cell phone and leave it nearby, whilst taking their photos on the other one's phone.

It transpires that they were pressing start, on a voice recording app and then later, listening to what was said in their absence, with head phones. I know this, because I saw them do it several times, with my cunning, driver's rear view mirror.

MLG says that the female one, used to do it in Language School class, often.

I saud, "Why?"

MLG "her Style".

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They are at it again...555

Ceramic dildo row puts Kiwi potters in a spin

WELLINGTON: The genteel world of New Zealand pottery has been rocked by a row over plans for a ceramic dildo-making workshop, sparking allegations of bullying and online abuse.

Ceramicist Nicole Gaston said she wanted the Wellington Potters' Association to hold the event with Iza Lozano, a visiting Mexican artist who has conducted similar workshops in her homeland.

Gaston said pottery dildos were easily sterilised, could be warmed, and unlike latex versions did not pose the risk of leeching chemicals into the body...




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 Ceramicist Nicole Gaston - who previously won an award for her 'Vagina Teapot' 

Cav, you brought it up, so you bear the responsibility, of us being, never to be able to un-see, the following:






"Gaston said many men appeared to find the idea of women making dildos emasculating"

Not me, I find her face, emasculating.


"I saw on Reddit that someone called me a nutcase and I thought 'I may be a little outspoken, but I don't think I'm crazy," she said.

Freedom to think what she likes, that's what makes NZ great.

And there's something about her, that made me investigate further- The NZ public service has a high number of ladies who play for their own team, from the USA. On account of they find the local Lady Team members,  easy to get along with and Permanent Resident via Partner, Visas, easy to attain.

I once knew a cadre of said individuals, who were prominent in the local entertainment scene, they all had partners from California who worked in Immigration and related departments and curiously, one from Vermont.

So I was not surprised to find this :: due to the board policy of not personally identifying the girls, I have redacted identifying information.



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Well it's so hot, down here in Middle Earth, 40°C in some places, I've started using ice in my beer, aahhh the memories...

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I empty every night half a bottle of varying wines , daytime zero . Holidays different . A trial to give up the evening wine temporarily had to be postponed til further notice due to boredom . I call it a mild addiction . These guys sitting at a roadside bar in BKK late morning drinking beer do not meet my standards of a reasonable existence . Up to them .

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