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4 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

A trial to give up the evening wine temporarily had to be postponed til further notice due to boredom . 

Tell me about Boredom, no booze, confined to bed/wheelchair for 18 months, only time left home is for hospital visits, no visitors for 10 months due being high risk from Covid etc.  ...   it is driving me mad. 

I was told in no uncertain terms “Stop Drinking or you will Dead within 3 months” this was when I came out of a 2 week coma for Pneumonia and Multiple Organ Failure. Basically I had nearly drank myself to death.

Before this happened I was up at 5:30 am for work, 60 hours a week, never called in sick enough etc  on a diet of approx 48 Beers and 2 Bottles of Vodka per week, a total functioning alcoholic.

So, I am bored but slowly recovering, and it is better than being dead.

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Not a lot actually beer was less than 30 Cents a can and Vodka about $3 per bottle in Vietnam.

Same with smokes $1 per pack, there was no financial incentive to pack in either, been of the smokes over 2 years now.

People who don’t Drink and Smoke don’t live any longer, it just fucking feels so.

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43 minutes ago, paul101 said:

Why do people who have given up drinking always go on about how long it is since they had one?


I realize that counting can drive non teetotalers up the wall, it used to drive me mad,”shut the fuck up I don’t care when you stopped drinking”, but for alcoholics it is a coping mechanism.


I have nothing against drinking or people enjoying a Drink, I am far from a hypocrite and wish I could join them, but alas I tried to fit 100 years of excesses into less than 60 years of life haha. It’s my own god dammed fault I know, simple as that, but fuck did I have some fun.


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I can't for a clash with meds I take drink anymore, but sure as hell I miss it and would like nothing better to sit down and have an ice cold beer laos from the corner shop beside the Day Inn, but I can't and sadly do count the days since my last drink,


As his royal pompadour said, it is a way to remember not to drink

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