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New Zealand Thread


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How can voting be made mandatory? If you don't like any of the candidates or issues, you stay home. Many people don't vote because they dislike the candidates nominated by the parties. Here's who really won the last presidential election, the real people's choice - None of the Above.



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>From Jim Carrey’s twatter feed

>Come to think of it, Jim would make a better President...


Carey is a Canadian and Canada already has their moron in charge....too bad Mr. Know-it-all Carey doesn't

go and help Canada....typical brain dead always bad mouthing the USA but is blind to his own country's problems....



Isn't this the New Zealand thread....Coss can't seem to focus on that....

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Mrs Dotcom speaks on life, love and babies with Kim Dotcom


She's not a gold digger. She does love him. And yes, they do have sex. And frankly, she says, any more detail about that is no one's business but their own.

The former Elizabeth Donnelly is now Liz Dotcom.

In Mrs Dotcom's first ever interview, given 12 days after they married in Coatesville in north Auckland, she spoke openly about meeting and falling in love with the man who the United States portrays as the internet's Dr Evil....



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