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My Penis is hungry

Asian Sex News Thread

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Meanwhile, in further educational news from Japan, a young college student is being described as in her first "Shoot" ashaving

A slender body, pristine looks, and the ability to squirt immense fountains of shiofuki when she’s aroused enough with the help of a denma massager vibrator.

Are these assets that will take her far in porn or what?

And is this Yoga?





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Is this Old Hippie?




Twitter user @cAstadb recently shared some awesome images of her encounter with a foreigner in Shibuya, which apparently resulted in her stepping on his face and body. Clad in a skirt, black top, and black boots, she walked over his chest and face.




I was in Shubuya last week!


I assure you it isn't me!


In fact, the man is Fumare Lou-chan (Stepped-on Lou), a white American and total Japanophile with a seriously strong penchant for femdom and women stepping on him. He is currently in Japan, traveling around Tokyo and Osaka in search of feet.


I love the look on this ladies face - trying hard not to giggle





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I saw the fart fetish, that's just not something I'd be into. I hate fanny farts so a real one




Yeah me too, queefing, they even have competitions for that :(



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