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Itsmedave Arriving Soon


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aaahh Woodstock. That's the old Nana Plaza. When I was young, strong, healthy, powerful, with a trained washboard stomach – sixpack -, full of testosterone and READY to RUMBLE!


I remember all those great gogos like Hollywood Rock (now London calling), Vodoo, Playschool, Pretty Lady and so on … Hundreds of girls, a paradise for guys like me.

The girls were cheap and willing, inexpensive and ready, a wagonload lot with girlfriend sex and take-care-feeling; 1000 Baht long time.


You need coolin', baby, I'm not foolin',

I'm gonna send you back to schoolin',

Way down inside honey, you need it,

I'm gonna give you my love,

Shake for me, girl. I wanna be your backdoor man

Keep it coolin', baby.


Yes, that have been my Nana Plaza girls, memories, sweet memories ...

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Depends on if you need people from home to call you on your number.


If you can give up that need, (unless you have a dual sim phone) then just bring your phone, get a local and get a plug adaptor, all of 90 baht for the adapotor


I wouldn't buy a second hand one, you'll need to set it up for all your Apps, from google, whatsapp, line, fartbook, etc etc


Use your own phone

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would you guys recommend we bring our us cellphones and gt a power adapter/converter,


No adaptors required, Thailand uses Type A and B same as. USA as well as Type O sockets. Chargers for mobiles / laptops operate between 100-240VAC

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Just be aware that if you are using a non-stupid phone and require data access then SOME U.S. phones will not necessarily work on ALL of the available service providers networks.






Tell it your exact phone model, especially any letters and numbers after the basic model number as this usually determines the frequency set of the particular phone and the country you are visiting.


This will advise you which carriers will work (or not) with your specific phone.


Old fashioned voice phone calls will work with pretty much anything but an analogue brick phone.

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