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Days Till Siam/nep/pattaya


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Rubbing it in:


Shortly after Croatia defeated Russia on penalties in the quarter finals, defender Domagoj Vida and coach Ognjen Vukojevic - who have each played for FC Dynamo Kiev - dedicated their win to Ukraine on YouTube from their changing room.


Ukrainian TV executive Oleksandr Tkachenko praised the players on Facebook, saying it was "nice they stopped the hosts of this strange World Cup".


Fifa reviewed the video and issued a warning to the players. Ognjen Vukojevic was fined $15,000 (£11,360) and sent home by Croatia.


Then Vida appeared to do the same thing again. He has since apologised in a live interview with Rossiya 24 state television after the semi-final.



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Stir the drums, paint the town red!  -  Good old Charly is coming to town!

I got my ticket six months ago. My things are packed.  I got the visa at the Thai Consulate General in Hamburg. The travel cash is well filled.
I am healthy and fit. My two internists have given me the green light.

It starts on 28 December. On Saturday 29.12.2018 I land - God willing - at Suvarnabhumi.
I am picked up there by one of my Thai friends and we drive immediately to Pattaya.
Around 19 o'clock in the evening we will be in Pattaya.

In our beloved seaside resort we will spend the days of the turn of the year 2018 / 2019.
It is celebrated vigorously and exuberantly.
However - there is a drop of melancholy for me. My doctors warned me to drink too much beer or wine.
So for me there is only little Chang, Singha, San Miguel etc., but lots of water, soft drinks and from time to time a coffee and a tea.

I come with one of my Thai friends (a coronel and pilot of the Thai Airforce); we do everything together, spent the time together.

Therefore I'm not coming until Wednesday January 2nd more frequently in the Secretsbar.

Who has desire and time, can come during this time in the Secretsbar for a beer, a drink and a chat. Everyone is welcome.
It is always interesting to assign, to put faces to names. 

Nasiadai  - Bakwahn


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I have now been in Siam for 3 weeks.
5 days I was with one of my Thai friends in Pattaya, then back to Bangkok.
2 days with my Thai buddy in Bangkok and then off to the south to my favourite beach Hat Tung Wua Laen near Chumpon.

I have often and extensively reported about this beach.

There is more to come ...

Nasiadai   - Bakwahn




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In the meantime I have sent three long detailed travel reports to my email list. In German of course!
I have 30 people on my list: Family, friends, acquaintances etc.

I also have a thread running on another board:
Bakwahn is coming to town!!!

Why on another board and not on this one?
On the other board there are still a handful of readers; this one is unfortunately dead like a dodo.

Pattaya was much too full in the days of the turn of the year.
Masses of people without end. That was shit!

Greetings fom my beach







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11 hours ago, Flashermac said:

It's the high tourist season right now, the supposedly "cool" season ... though you wouldn't notice it (except in the evenings).

I can only advise anyone not to stay in Pattaya between about 20 December and 12 January, so round about.
I am not talking about local expats or long-term holidaymakers who spend three to four months in Pattaya in winter.
I mean the vacationer who comes to Pattaya for 3 to 4 weeks to have some Sanuk and fun with the girls.
In this period Pattaya is the exact opposite of "Dead as a Dodo". It's an exploding volcano, black with crowds of people.
The pushing and shoving in the WS is unbearable. It's mainly these Asian crowds of visitors who invade Pattya in their
hundreds of thousands and they are curious gawpers in the streets and sois of South-Pattaya.
Every day hundreds and thousands of coaches come and go, clogging the streets of Pattaya.

I know all too well these gazers, onlookers tourists from the Hamburg Reeperbahn, mostly elderly people of retirement age.
Especially on Friday and Saturday evenings they are taken in dozens of buses to the Reeperbahn, which then unload their crowds.
When the group passes a brothel or a table dance bar, this ambivalent, malicious grin is reflected on their faces, always associated
with embarrassment, awkwardness, and humiliation.
Behind these walls, behind these doors, it is vice that reigns, here is sin at home. At the same time one feels magically attracted
to these places, because here the glamour, the eroticism, the sexuality, the sensual lust is celebrated - supposedly.
Exactly this facial expression and this embarrassing grin can be found on the faces of many package tourists and mass tourists at the WS.

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