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Facebook Has Been Giving Data Away For A Decade

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This weekend, news broke in The New York Times that Facebook's habit of giving extensive user data to third parties extended to "at least 60 device makers" who were granted access to private Facebook APIs over the past decade.


The social media giant has been trying to quash the story by insisting developers were only allowed to use the data to provide "the Facebook experience" before the market dominance of Android and Apple made it less necessary for manufacturers to build in custom functionality, but a new development may have just made it a lot harder to sweep under the rug.


Now, the Times reported today, it turns out the list of device makers included four Chinese companies: Lenovo, Oppo, TCL and Huawei, the last of which has been flagged by both US and Australian intelligence officials as a potential national security threat...






I never liked Facbook.

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