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World Cup Highlights! It's On!


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Belgium is in semi-finals....For once I am a bit proud of my country (for a change since we elected a government composed of ultra-liberals and Flemish separatists)



Since it is France we will be playing against ->we will just tell them a few Belgian jokes about France and French people (such as, God created the most beautiful country in the world, France, and to balance things out he decided to put the French there) then the French team will go mad and we will beat them...........

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Interesting that Belgium have.a French World Cup Winner Henry as their assistant manager


Could end up a Belgium v England Final which to all intents and purposes will be an English Premier League Match, Belgium have more Chelsea Players (Courtois and Hazard) than England (none) two Man Utd Players (Fellanii and Lukaku) plus an ex (Janjuzai) compared to 3 United for England (Young, Lingard and Rashford) one city player for Belgium (de Bruyne) against two for England (Sturbridge and Stones)


Interesting few days coming up, knowing England they will fluff their lines and get tonked by Croatia haha 1966 I was only 2 years old back then.

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