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Germany Thread

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Nasiadi, you are very correct in the issues, 

One thing I observed with the ending of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, as a huge influx of money from the UK to create jobs, and similar time, growth in Ireland. 

Suddenly Paddy had a job, "Hey Paddy, come down and blow up this pub on Friday" - "Sorry, I can't do Friday, I am doing overtime, maybe next week"

Stop using million $ bombs to bomb the countries, use Credit cards with $5000 credit on them. All of a sudden, by dropping thousands of those, you have people opening business, employing people etc

The expression, The Devil likes idle hands is very true

Keep people busy, and they are often happier and not so keen to fuck everything up, they have something to loose now.


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Half correct, the Irish situation was self inflicted since 1916 by sucesive UK governments.

Paddy neve “Went down”, down is the Republic which is whom the IRA (Irish Republican Army) were  fighting to be reunified with instead of being governed from London. Paddy hit Unionist targets in the North before bringing it to the Mainland circa 71-72..

Majority of “Foreign”investment post Easter Agreement has actually come from the Republic South, the South is booming has been for 25 years, all the main Pharma Companies have European manufacturing base in Eire, the likes of Apple,, Google, Amazon etc have their EU HQ in Eire. There is a Skils Shortage in Eire so much so the Irish overseas are being offered lucrative financial packages to return.

What th situation does have in common is uneducated peoples ignorance, naivety and fears. Back in the 70’s UK it was “Oh, you are Irish, must be a terrorist”as in majority of Terrorist were Irish hence majority of Irish are therefore terrorists, as educated people know such is untrue, but unfortunatley this world is not populated by an educated majority.

Same as today majority of terrorist are Muslim therefore the misconception is the majority of Muslims are terrorists and there is no cure for Stupidity 

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I can only give a brief overview here.
This is a Siam-Sanuk board and not a German political blog with thousands of interested readers and commentators.
Shortenings are therefore necessary. Despite all brevity, I still try to offer the interested foreign reader (mainly from the Anglo-American world) a differentiated and objective view of my country.


The current political situation in Germany.

At the moment - autumn 2018 - German society is divided. On the one hand we have the government and the parties supporting Merkel: Christian Union CDU/CSU and Social Democrats SPD. Then there are the Left, the Greens and the Free Democrats. But these parties are not real opposition. The only real opposition is the new young AfD = Alternative for Germany.
Many critical opposition citizens like me call these parties supporting the government and Merkel "Altparteienkartell" - "the old party cartel". There are hardly any political differences between these parties, only minimal, marginal distinctions.

Then there are the mass media; the big German newspapers and news magazines as well as the electronic media radio and television. They are all online too, of course.
Radio and television are organized in our country like the BBC in Britain, as public law broadcasters.

Then there is the very influential group of artists and actors, academics such as political scientists, sociologists, as well as representatives of the German economy, who are all very active in the political arena.
In the central question of our German nation, the problem of the millions of immigrants of almost exclusively young men, 90% of whom are Muslims or have a Muslim character, more than 80% of the political public is dominated by the government, the old party cartel, the mass media as well as artists, intellectuals and representatives of the German economy.
Their motto: "Let them all come in, we'll take them all, we'll make the integration."

They have not only air sovereignty, but also unrestricted air supremacy in the political public and in the world of opinion.
Anyone who resists uncontrolled mass immigration is insulted and excluded as a racist, an Islamophobe, a right-wing extremist or even a Nazi.

The political, journalistic, intellectual, cultural and economic elites want to force a multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religious state, the One-World-State, which is to merge into the United States of Europe in the foreseeable future. They want further immigration in the millions to fill the demographic gaps in our country. This is an official government programme! Germany as a nation state should be abolished, the ethnic German people, the German nation, its more than 1200 years of history, its culture, its traditions, its stubbornness and its uniqueness, in short its identity. All this should disappear. This colourful, multi-ethnic, multicultural Germany should then merge into a new association of states called the United States of Europe in a few years' time.


Live from Düsseldorf
Nasiadai – 9. September 2018 – 20.45 late, too late!


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There has been discussion about increasing violence and crime; e.g. Cavanami and Buffalo_Bill and others.
Of course the increasing violence and criminality is important; also for me, who can hardly resist an attack because of my disability. Parts of the German population see the danger for their safety and start to defend themselves. They organize demos against the increasing crime among foreigners and asylee and combine this protest with the demand to stop uncontrolled illegal mass immigration and to return to the rule of law.

But the overpowering elites from politics, journalism and culture strike back with an iron fist.
All those who defend themselves and take to the streets and demonstrate are immediately insulted in a raging manner or suspected of being xenophobic, prejudiced, Islamophobic, right-wing extremist, Nazi.

A few days later a concert takes place against right-wing extremism, racism etc. in Chemnitz, attended by 60,000 people.

This clearly shows the prevailing majority and opinion relations to this central topic of uncontrolled immigration in Germany at the moment.
At the political level, in the parliaments about 80 to 20 %.
Also the German population seems to support to a large extent the policy of open borders.

Now I can only find disappointed with Douglas Murray, a British author and publicist:
The Germans are determined to commit ethnic, cultural, religious and economic suicide.
I quote Murray here because I write for a predominantly Anglo-American audience. I could just as well have named and quoted 12 German scientists here.

Murray published a book 2017 with the title:
The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam.
German: The Suicide of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam.


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Parerga and Paralipomena

A few texts and comments from me, published on various German blogs and comment columns of the internet.
All are translations, which I made. Hard work, guys!

We will grandiosely lose the struggle for our country, which is still ethnically and culturally somewhat homogeneous at the moment.
An aging, weak society is yielding to its fate in humility. The German sovereign, the German voter, accepts the transformation into a multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religious society with all its foreseeable negative consequences. We import precisely the problems of the countries, which is why the illegal migrants come to us: Poverty, backwardness, political corruption and depravity, ethnic, religious and cultural struggles to the point of violent clashes that lead to gigantic frictional losses and to the gradual and then rapid descent of this country.
In a few years' time I will see the decline, indeed the downfall, of my beloved country somewhere from the stars, between Sirius and Aquarius.
Bakwahn – Nasiadai



A large part of the German population seems to agree with its own decline and extinction. One obviously wants the change to a multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religious, even multi-tribal society. The will to abolish oneself, to destroy oneself and even to commit suicide is obvious.
At the moment we are one of the world's leading nations, one of the 4 or 5 biggest, best, most successful in the world; scientifically-technically, economically, culturally, civilizatively.
This will change gradually but steadily in the coming years. The descent will be unstoppable.
One seems to be ready to turn away from one's own nation, which has been so successful, and to want to replace it with a society which is supported by the ideology of a humanitarian universalism ("no man is illegal" and "all men are equal"). Very many Germans applaud their own downfall, they are even longing for their descent. The sovereign continues to vote for the old parties Left-Green-SPD-CDU/CSU (we will see it at the upcoming state elections), and they feel confirmed and affirmed in their actions. Existing ALTERNATIVES – AfD - are generously overlooked by the voters. If a clear majority of the electorate again strengthens the old parties, then the majority of the Germans obviously wants this repopulation by a further millionfold Muslim and black African immigration.

I advise the cartel parties ("there must be no upper limit for refugees") to commission a stonemason firm to replace the dedication above the Reichstag

"DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE" “To The German People” with the words "Der Bevölkerung in Deutschland", “The Population in Germany”.


I wish the German politicians, the mass media and this part of the German population which supports this project of repopulation all the best in this project and combine my wishes with the biblical blessing:

"The Lord bless you and protect you.
Let the Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to you.
The Lord lift up His face upon you and give you peace".

Book 4 of Moses, chapter 6, verses 24-26.
Bakwahn - Felix Haller
alternative since 2013



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on the problems since the mass rush of late summer 2015

Professor Meuthen, it was clear to all those involved - the elites from politics and public service, culture, journalism, science and business - in late summer 2015 that the responsible German offices and authorities would be completely overwhelmed. The attitude "we take them all" and "we make it" quickly developed among an overwhelming majority of the authoritative and influential elites, especially in the old parties and in journalism. After this decision, which was certainly justified on humanitarian grounds, the "welcome culture" was successfully promoted. In the months that followed, the government - with the support of the opposition and almost the entire parliament - overturned the EU-Dublin agreements, and the borders remained open. To this day, every hard-working and loaded person in the world who crosses the German border is taken on board.
Since then, German policy has abandoned the faithful application of the Dublin Conventions, the right of asylum and the Geneva Refugee Convention. The problem of mass immigration has actually been a legal vacuum for almost three years. It is clear to all concerned that only very few of those who are not entitled to asylum will leave the country again, e.g. by deportation or voluntary departure. Politicians do not want that at all! They want to have them all here.
But what can be the reason for so much humanity, helpfulness, mercy, receptiveness?
There is only one possible answer: this form of millions of immigrants is not only tolerated politically, it is wanted! The refugees are supposed to fill the demographic gaps that we Germans ourselves have caused through our negative generative behaviour in recent decades.
This mass immigration happens under the following ideological assumptions:
* All people are equal
*All cultures are equal in the sense of equivalence
* All religions are also compatible with our Basic Law, Constitution, and our values (whichever they may be and whatever they may contain in detail), are as close to our Basic Law as they are distant from it.
* We give something back to the refugees what we have taken from them before, i.e. our prosperity is based on the exploitation of the countries of origin.
* All arrivals enrich our society, make it more colourful
* Furthermore, advocates of immigration place their trust in the integration power of our society.

These basic assumptions are all outrageous nonsense.

I do not want to discuss, comment on or refute this ideological nonsense now.
Instead, I would like to ask a question that is actually a question to the master of that country, the German sovereign.
What does the sovereign of this country actually mean about mass immigration? What does the electorate have to say about this?

A large part of the German population seems to agree with its own decline and extinction. 1.5 million poverty immigrants so far, between 300,000 and 500,000 new arrivals every coming year. Almost exclusively Muslims, including about 80% young men, most of them unqualified, close to illiteracy; the masses with an IQ between 85 - 95 (the average for Germans is 100); the relevant literature shows this irrefutably.

The current predominant social consciousness of the German people can be outlined as follows:
"We know that prosperity can only be achieved with "brainpower", i.e. intelligence, education and qualified vocational training, coupled with diligence, motivation and all the other virtues which enable individuals and societies to achieve economic efficiency. We are aware that we can only survive in international competition with the highest performance.
However, we have a duty:
We have a duty to welcome everyone who crosses our borders, to welcome them and to let them participate in our hard-earned welfare state.
!!! Our humanity is much more important to us than our economic efficiency !!!!
We also do not demand any obligatory consideration from our new citizens. If these fail with the integration into our society (e.g. inadequate language knowledge, job market etc.), then we Germans are to blame for their failure. We bear the responsibility for this! We must increase our services, we must promote even more, we must activate even more money as well as further material and personnel resources in order to make it as comfortable as possible for the new citizens. We must also adapt to them culturally and in their mentality, so that they do not feel marginalized, etc. etc."

The consequence:
Germany will enter into an almost imperceptible economic decline; there will be a slow but steady decline, a gradual loss of performance, competitiveness and innovation; rising unemployment paired with a loss of security and trust within society and thus rising frictional losses.
I will stop for a moment.
How has German rock singer Nina Hagen been singing for about 45 years?
"I can't decide at all,
Everything is so beautifully colorful here!"

Indeed: poverty, wretchedness, backwardness, insecurity but colourfulness.  55555555555555555
Bakwahn - Nasiadai Felix Haller
Live from the University Library Düsseldorf - 9. September 2018 - 22.20 hrs



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chocolat steve

„Do I need to fear for my person?“

No!!! No, you're welcome in all countries.
If you behave decently like a normally educated person with good manners, then you are warmly welcomed by everyone.
You only have to follow normal safety rules, not take any foreseeable risks.
When you pee on the monument of St. Wenceslas at Wenceslas Square in Prague, you should not be surprised about a few strong slaps in the face ...

Your other questions about the causes of flight, I've answered in my texts.


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Some very interesting insight in these posts here. In a similar vein I might suggest a recent short documentary from the BBC and now available on iPlayer ( for the next 25 days) Called "A tale of two Swedens":

For decades Sweden has been held up as a model society: prosperous, egalitarian and well-integrated. But in recent years a counter-narrative has taken hold. According to this story, Sweden is a nation where liberal values, a generous welfare state and an open-door policy towards refugees have led to a crime wave that threatens to spiral out of control. Against this backdrop, Sweden is holding a general election in which an anti-immigrant party, with its roots in the Neo-Nazi movement, is threatening to upset 'politics-as-usual'. So what is going on? Gabriel Gatehouse goes to Sweden to find out.

You will likely need a vpn with a UK ip address at least to watch it unfortunately.


To stick to the German element of the thread I wonder at what point do immigrants gain the right to vote? Secondly, which parties do immigrants tend to vote for?

Is there any sort of trend that would suggest the large number of immigrants could strengthen the the authority of any one party over its rivals?



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Radioman asks:
„To stick to the German element of the thread I wonder at what point do immigrants gain the right to vote?“

Only German citizens are entitled to vote.
Immigrants can be naturalised after 8 years of residence in Germany under certain conditions.Due to its great economic success and rapid rise after the Second World War, Germany became a country of immigration in the early 1960s.

Who came?
So-called "foreign Germans", late returnees, from Russia, Poland and other Eastern European countries who came to us after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc.
Many Yugoslavs who came as guest workers under Tito and then simply stayed here; Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, etc.
After the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, many Eastern Europeans, Poles, Balts, Romanians, Bulgarians came.

Mohammedans, Muslims:
The largest group are the Turks; they came from the beginning of the 1970s.
Then come the Arabs who immigrated from the Maghreb states, from the Near and Middle East; almost exclusively as asylum seekers or civil war refugees.
Most of the asylum applications were rejected by German courts, but the rejected ones were not deported.
In addition Afghans, Iranians, Pakistanis.
They all came under the pretext of asylum, in reality they were and are all poverty refugees.

Today, in 2018, about 25 % of the population is of non-German origin.
The Muslims are the strongest group with about 6 to 7 million.
The immigrant Muslims still show in the second and third generation a substantially higher fertility than the average Germans.
There is the danger of a creeping Islamization of our country.


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