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But it wasn’t Kool Aid which were poisoned but the cheaper version Flavor Aid

For all the Germans that have time to trash the USA while ignoring what is going on in their country...   Germany: Migrant Decapitates Baby, Government Tries To Cover It Up   Authorities raid ho

My Niece did send me 3 x 18 Birthday cards when I hit 54 

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Now the important matters in Germany...gotta git dem bread sellers 555

German bakery chain sued for selling bread on a Sunday

When is the Sunday bread roll simply a tasty treat - and when is it illegal? The Higher Regional Court (OLG) Munich will decide the latter on Thursday at 10 a.m. It will specify when a bakery can sell bread on a Sunday - and if there's a legal loophole if it has cheese on it.

The dispute started when the Central Office for Combating Unfair Competition sued a bakery chain with branches in Munich. A regional court in Munich dismissed the complaint, but the issue is now being examined in more detail.

The accusation? The illegal sale of baked goods. Test buyers, likely hired by a competitor, had bought, among other things,  baguette bread, Roman rolls and wholemeal rolls on a Sunday in February 2016 at 11:12 a.m. and at 3:46 p.m. again.

So what’s the problem here? According to the Federal Shop Closing Act, bakeries are only allowed to sell rolls and pretzels for a maximum of five hours on Sundays in most German states - or three hours in Bavaria. The period in which the bakeries are allowed to open varies from municipality to municipality.



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6 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

Several weeks ago Mr Cavanami spread the news that the city of Munich has been conquered by the Arabs . Very funny.

Appears your chat with the City of Duisburg has been corrupted...as reported in the UK...

Horror on streets of Germany: State of emergency declared as 80 men ... Police were called to the Altmarkt area of the city over reports of the ...



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Now the men in Germany are confused???

22-year-old woman kicked out of gym over 'revealing' crop top that 'distracted' men

A 22-year-old woman says she was asked to leave her gym in Konstanz, Germany, because her clothes were too “revealing” and were “confusing the men.” Marny tweeted a photo of the “revealing” outfit showing that she was wearing a crop top that showed a few inches of skin...


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Sorry Cav, i'm not denigrating your post, just the attention whore, who made the yahoo, post.

When she can't show a photo of the gym or any other supporting information, just a photo of her, in her tiny one room apartment, that could double, as a photo to send to Jeff the yummy barista, she just met, the whole thing screams of attention poverty. She doesn't need to go to a gym, she needs to eat some red meat.

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This will better the police force...NOT!!!

Berlin Police Academy Rigging Exams For Migrants – Report

Whistleblower claims Berlin Police filling migrant quotas on force

The Berlin police academy is lowering standards for some new recruits in order to enable more migrants to join the force, according to German media.

An anonymous whistleblower identified as officer "Lee Roy" leveled the shocking claim in a recent interview...




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Germany: Janitor Scalped By Machete-Wielding Iraqi Suspect

A guesthouse in Munich, Germany, was the scene of a brutal attack upon a caretaker by a machete-wielding Iraqi suspect, according to local media.

An argument regarding a defective sprinkler system between the female owner of the boarding house and suspect led to the arrival of a janitor attempting to mitigate the dispute.

"In the course of the verbal altercation, the suspect suddenly punched the janitor with his fists and dragged him into a room where he subsequently attacked the defenseless man with a machete he had taken from a cupboard," Tag 24 reports. "Several times he hit the head of the 37-year-old with the weapon."

Local publication Tz also reported on the incident, and a hard-copy photo of the paper has been circulating online.

"The caretaker suffered severe injuries during the brutal attack and his head skin was partially scalped," Tz reports. "The perpetrator remained in his room after the act of violence and had to be overwhelmed and arrested by special forces police."


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Another day another violent attack in Germany...

Members of the youth wing of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party were attacked by Antifa operatives while attending the Berlin film festival, according to a press release.

Four members of Junge Alternative (JA) say they were making their way down Karl Marx Boulevard in Berlin to attend a film screening when they were jumped by leftist radicals who were armed with makeshift weapons.

"There were about a half-dozen of them," said JA member Vadim Derksen. "They used improvised weapons they can't be arrested for, but which can do serious damage."

"They held batteries in their fists to strike with, and one of them had a wine glass which he smashed, and used the broken stem to stab at us like a knife. I was cut in the upper arm and didn't even notice it till I got home."

Derksen says their assailants called them "shit Nazis."

Another JA member suffered injuries to the head which required medical attention...


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