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I wonder whose idea it was that everyone has to get a university degree these days, even for vocations in which they'll never use it. Colleges and universities in the US have turned into money making businesses. and they've reduced a BA/BS to being about as meaningful  as a high school diploma or A levels used to be, while an MA/Ms doesn't mean much either. PhD are easier to get, and some people are even "earning" them on the internet. US Universities also cost so much these days that I'd have had a hard time getting a higher education these days. So what is the response to this nonsense? "We want free education!" Oh, yeah ... make the tax payers pay those bloated university fees, instead of making the colleges and unies get their heads out of their arse. :angryfire:

p.s. I suppose I should have said that in German, but my German is far too basic to manage all that. :(

So to make up for it, here's some music.



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Started off with Tony B’Liar in the UK Education, Education, Education and what a fallacy I has turned into.

How many Graduates are required with a Degree in Mejia Studies, Underwater Basket Weaving or Line Dancing Instructor to Amputees.

And since these idiots with useless degrees earn below the threshold level they never repay their student fees anyway so to all intents and purposes h tax payer is supporting these poor little darlings to and shag the dog for 3 years.

But unemployment figures in the UK are at an all time low,, of course they are if in Education cannot be unemployed what a crock of shite.

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I started university at 17, and I had no idea what I wanted to study. I remember what the new first year students were told at our "orientation". "Look at the person on your right, now look at the person on your left. One of you will be gone by the end of the year." That's what the drop out rate was, since in US universities require you to maintain at least a 2.0 average (out of a possible 4.0) at all times. Fully 1/3 of the new students would be kicked out for low grades, since they spent their time drinking and chasing girls. A so-called counsellor actually said to me, "You're old enough to know what you want to do with your life." Old enough at 17? I still didn't know when I'd graduated.

I'd have been better off if I'd enlisted in the military for 3 years, done some growing up, and then had my education paid for by the GI Bill. But now students are demanding a free education without having to do anything to earn it.

Also, back in my student days only the top 10% to 15% of the high school graduates could get into the University of California. The top 25% could get into a lower prestige state college. The rest were out of luck. But nowadays, California's state colleges have all been renamed as universities, and virtually anyone can get into them. Extremely bizarre academic majors have been created. What kind of a job are you going to get with a degree in them?


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p.s. You should love this major:

6. Beatles, Popular Music and Society

What you study: The degree program lets students “examine the significance of the music of The Beatles in the construction of identities, audiences, ethnicities and industries, and localities.”

Where you can get the degree: Liverpool Hope University (UK)

Example courses: Understanding Popular Music, Musicology and The Beatles and Topics in History: Liverpool

Job prospects: Popular music studies specialist, Beatles historian


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Keep letting them in and reap the tragic results!!! Good job Merkel...NOT!!!!!

A Syrian teen has been convicted in a near-fatal stabbing attack in Germany but will only serve a suspended sentence and attend mandatory schooling, despite a record of threatening other lives in his host country, according to reports.


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You need to focus on your home land...it appears your German leader(s) need your most informed knowledge...by the way, many areas in Düsseldorf are now shitholes...

German Police Accuse Foreign Gang of Luring, Filming, Gang-Raping Multiple Women

German police are asking witnesses to come forward in an investigation of a foreign gang accused of gang-raping multiple women in Düsseldorf's old town.

Four suspects, aged 24 to 29, reportedly lured at least two young women from outside nightclubs in 2018 and lured them to an apartment or a hotel room booked in the victim’s name where they would then assault the girls for hours...


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