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Germany Thread

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Germany losing their grip???

Germany riot: Gangs smash shops and attack police in Stuttgart

Groups of people have smashed shop windows, looted, and attacked police vehicles in central Stuttgart during hours of night-time disturbances.

German police say more than a dozen police officers were hurt during the violence, in south-west Germany.

Video clips on Twitter show people vandalising shops in the city centre and hurling big stones and other objects at police vehicles.

Stuttgart police say the violence began after police checked a drugs incident.

The situation escalated after a 17-year-old was questioned for an alleged drug offence, the city's police vice-president Thomas Berger told reporters.

A group of between 100 and 200 people responded by throwing stones and bottles at the police on the central Schlossplatz, a large square.

This then grew, he said, to between 400 and 500 people attacking police. Many of the rioters were said to be hooded and masked.


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This is of course Donald's fault, if things hadn't got out of hand in Yokel land, the rest of the world wouldn't have become emboldend to rise up, rightly or wrongly.

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There are a great many people who are suspicious of W.H.O. Trump isn't the only one. Any international organization, has some issues. The Olympic committee members regularly take bribes. IMF, World Bank, WHO, none were ever seen as pristine organizations. So, I'm not sure the point?

As for Germany, I'm assuming that the point is similar to the biblical verse regarding take the splinter out of your own eye. Again, all nations are not pristine. I'd love to hear one that is. I'm sure if you go to Norway or any nation ranked as the happiest, the people will complain to you about something. America has marketed itself as a nation of diversity and harmony. Its always marketed itself as a land of immigrants. Not many countries have. 

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More trouble in Germany...WTF UP BUBI!!! How many meat packing plants are owned by China???

Coronavirus outbreak closes German meat-packing plant

Days after Germany readied to ease coronavirus restrictions, three districts saw outbreaks that will delay reopening. After COVID-19 infections at slaughterhouses, two states will test all meat-processing workers.

Coronavirus outbreak at a meatpacking plant exposes weakness in Germany’s covid-19 response

GÜTERSLOH, Germany — Yahya Süzan organizes cheap Eastern European labor for the German slaughterhouse industry, but he says he has nothing to do with the companies where the workers end up.

Coronavirus: What went wrong at Germany's Gütersloh meat factory?

There is intense scrutiny here in Germany on why meat production factories have been one of the most common sources of coronavirus outbreaks across the country. It's an issue that's reflected Europe-wide.

Scientists believe they may have found contributing factors that led to the country's biggest single outbreak at an abattoir in North Rhine-Westphalia - cold temperatures and an insufficient air filtration system that allowed the pathogen to spread rapidly.

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