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Germany Thread

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Hey Bubi, your country is burning down while you do nothing!!!

Germany: Muslim migrant gets 4.5 years for killing fireman, German gets 10 years for firecracker at mosque

Priorities, priorities. Those of the German government are abundantly clear.

“Dead firefighter: Turk only has to be imprisoned for 4.5 years,” translated from “Totgeschlagener Feuerwehrmann: Türke muss nur 4,5 Jahre in Haft,” Wochenblick, November 6, 2020 (thanks to Medforth😞

The case caused a sensation in Germany. On December 6, 2019, a “young man” known to the police who had travel documents for Turkey, Lebanon and Germany killed a 49-year-old family man for a trivial reason. Now a court in Augsburg, where the crime took place, delivered the verdict : Compact 4.5 years imprisonment for the notorious violent criminal.

The manslaughterer attracted negative disciplinary attention a total of 32 times while in remand. The 17-year-old at the time of the crime was traveling with two accomplices. They scrounged for a cigarette from the German Roland S., he didn’t feel like giving them one and evidently pushed one of the immigrant hobby boxers aside. That was his death sentence. The principal culprit hit him in the head so hard that a cerebral artery tore. He died shortly after the attack; any help came too late. The “young men” smashed half the face of the man’s companion, and he survived.

Fire-fighters and the public appalled

The German’s death particularly aroused the public and his former colleagues, because he had served as a lifesaver in the fire department for a long time. He was considered loving and helpful, and would never have expressed himself negatively towards migrants. He left a wife and a daughter. The pictures of the grieving firefighters went around the world.

Not the first assault


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