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Cavanami should be delighted to hear that the Federal Republic over the organisation of the Covid-vaccination got totally lost in a jungle of bureaucracy. Last week the government found out that also doctors could vaccinate in their consulting rooms but instead of letting them go they have to wait for the paperwork to be finetuned first. I understand in the USA people get their shots in pharmacies, stadiums and even supermarkets. And in the name of truth it looks as if the Trump government would have done a reasonable job organising enough phials.

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Bubi, I believe KS has spoken to you about this before, we know that the Macaques like an outing, but they'll go hungry if you keep letting them escape...

Troop of monkeys escape German wildlife park

Twenty-five barbary macaques have broken out of their enclosure in southwestern Germany. Police suspect that their escape was enabled by construction work.

Twenty-five Barbary macaques escaped from a zoo in the German town of Löffingen on Thursday for several hours.

The troop of monkeys were first spotted roaming around a local neighborhood. Zoo employees then tried to capture the macaques, but according to police they initially escaped and their handlers then lost sight of the group.

By early evening on Thursday, the runaway primates were located and secured. 

"The animals apparently took advantage of the nice weather and spent the afternoon on the edge of a forest near the zoo," police said.

Construction work near the zoo might have enabled the apes to find an escape route out of the enclosed compound, police said in a statement.

Native to North Africa, the ginger-furred toddler-size macaques are typically harmless, timid and fearful of humans, according to the Barbary Macaque Awareness & Conservation NGO.

Police in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg had warned passersby not to try to feed or catch the macaques, as that could intimidate them or prompt them to lash out.




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12 hours ago, Coss said:

Police in the southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg had warned passersby not to try to feed or catch the macaques, as that could intimidate them or prompt them to lash out.




Once I find some I´ll show them some of Cavanamis´s links and I am sure they race back into shelter.

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Too bad Bubi can't help his native Germany...update from Nick Nostitz, your fellow and awake German,,,

Germany, thanks to the most part to the relatively low vaccination rate compared to other western European countries, experiences Covid19 infection rates and hospitalizations going through the roof, which is extremely concerning. When only a few months ago people widely talked about getting the pandemic under control, i have had my doubts, and was unfortunately proven right. 

I believe that we will soon see increased restrictions, and some form of mandatory vaccination.
Another extremely concerning problem is the refugee situation at the Polish - Belarus border. The militaristic saber rattling as seen very clearly here in this Polish News channel (with a slant of propaganda) is insane.
I understand that this is a complex situation, that Belarus und behind that very likely Russia use refugees as a tool to destabilize the EU, and to further inner-EU conflicts between the increasingly authoritarian Poland (and Hungary), and the liberal Democracies.
What makes this situation worse, i guess, is that politicians in especially Germany seem to be scared of a repeat of 2015, where borders remained open, and refugees were allowed inside, and the subsequent backlash by far right mobilization. We are also in Germany in the situation of an outgoing caretaker government, and a coming transition to a new government, where it is difficult to make potentially etremely controversial and/or unpopular decisions.
Exaggerated by the corona crisis, and potentially volatile resistence against new restrictions, a flow of refugees could result in more social unrest, and would be a godsend for the far right (ironically with strong links to Russia). 
And possible numbers of hundreds of thousands if not more refugees coming to Europe, and Germany in particular, in the coming months, channeled through by Belarus, could overwhelm our system, especially our health system - which is already now overstretched by Corona.
However, there are thousands of refugees in appalling conditions caught at the Polish border, not allowed back into Belarus, and the Winter begins. Already several refugees have died, and more will very likely die.
Pushbacks of refugees that managed to cross the border, as already take place, are inhumane, and clearly against European law. Not allowing NGO's, observers and journalists close to the border is against anything our democracies stand for.
We need a temporary solution quickly, if it would just be erecting refugee camps in which these refugees can find shelter until a more permament solution can be found. Letting refugees die of exposure in the forest is not what the EU can afford without losing its identity.
A potential for armed conflict however between Belarus and Poland could be disastrous, as this could quickly turn into a Nato case, and spiral totally out of control.
We do need some courageous decision making here quickly, which takes the humanitarian situation but also the Russia's attempt of destabilization into account, and which at the same time avoids militaristic saber rattling - which is not helpful.
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Dear Sir,

the people mainly causing dramatically increasing numbers of infections here are the same braindead idiots as you find them for example in the USA, widely identical with Trump supporters as it looks. Thanks God there are now serious restrictions in preparation which will make them think twice if they keep on rejecting vaccination. The man who does the BuBi-garden occasionally got his first shot this week because they will stop paying him if he has to enter a 14 days quarantine due to not being vaccinated. The best are the Singporeans threatening non-vaccinated citizens with the hospital bill if they catch the virus. Brilliant idea.

I agree with the Nostritz-guy regarding the Belarus problems, no further comment necessary.

Cav, this article is absolutely reasonable and makes sense, how come you post it?

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Bubi, I am Singaporean, and am, as yet, not vaccinated. Though waiting in the queue. I am appalled at my government's push for the mRNA vaccine from a particular country and any attempt to get a different vaccine, even if you pay for it, is rejected. Even to the point of you not being registered as vaccinated if you choose the other vaccine. I am not anti-vax, but would like a choice between mRNA and more traditional vaccination procedures. It is only recently that other vaccines are being recognized, but you have to pay our of your own pocket.

Imo, the track record of mRNA vaccines is not particularly good and many of us who do have underlying health conditions would prefer the more traditional route.

The push to force a particular vaccine on someone is also, in my opinion, unethical. And to deny them rights as a citizen to food and freedom of movement and work is even more so. 

My opinion, you are welcome to agree or disagree. No difference to me.

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Sir, the aforementioned gardener did in fact support exactly your point. He does not trust the mRNA and preferred to wait for some old style vaccine which they seem to have developed in the USA in the meantime.

I wonder what makes you think that mRNA vaccines do not show a good track record. There are people who suffer from whatever as a result but in the end the risk of being hit by something serious after an infection is far far higher than an mRNA treatment. What would have happened if all people on earth would have rejected mRNA waiting for something to come one day. We would have millions of deaths already.

I further wonder wherefrom you might get the idea that a "traditional" vaccine shows less risk or how efficient it is and how long; so far nobody has any long term evidence and you hear about new findings every month also with mRNA.

I did not know about your government pushing people towards a certain vaccine. Which would indeed be unethical if the alternative would be considered safe and efficient.

You are welcome to make use of what protects you from potentially dangerous consequences or keep on taking the risk. No difference to me.


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