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Vintage_Kwai and Bubi :: a reasoned discussion from both sides.

My experience - Middle Earth offers only the Pfizer juice, I've had two tiny portions.

We are about to start announcing restrictions, on what the un-jabbed, can or cannot do.

Or as I look at it, restrictions on what vaccinated people, who've done all the isolating and distancing and hiding behind masks, can do, whilst the non-jabbed seem, to carry on like normal and receive no consequences, apart from the statistical eventualities, in which, they then ask for a vaccine, just before they pass away on a ventilator in ICU.

There does seem to be, some world-wide distrust of mRNA vaccines, based on the old Green's, genetic modification scare tactics, warning of two headed babies, if you eat GM soy. We've some decades later, found this not to be the case.

As a sample of one, I can say, that I've got, "underlying causes" including cardiac, cancer and stroke, all three of which are serious enough to have killed me and may still do.

Each of the vaccine doses I took, made me feel under the weather for a few days, mRNA or no.

I'm betting that if I got Covid, prior to the vaccine, I'd have been dead.

Vis the world's governments (several) responses.

Where the government is a stable democracy, they will I feel, take the best available actions they can, to protect the population.

Exceptions to this group of countries, are those who have corruption as the lingua franca, and any, who follow the Mango Mussolini creed, and the science ignorant.

So, much like Singapore, NZ is doing it the sensible, though hard on individuals, way.  

The majority are rightly getting fed up, with the restrictions, but are by and large, complying.

There are protests, these are made up of small groups, characterised by Coss as follows:

• Some who were protesting Franken-chickens 4 years ago and GMO in low earth orbit, 10 years before that.

• Some who hope, that they can raise their political profile and thence be the recipient, of enough votes to get a seat in government and because they are not part of a major party, then sit back and draw a good salary.

• Some who like the majority, are fed up with their personal sacrifices and are stupid enough to be led by a "leader' who is slightly more clever, to promote a theme of a deity, or other singularity. Money is the underlying motive of the "leader".

• Some who just like a good noisy gathering.

Sensibly speaking, the battle of Virus vs Vaccine, is not over and these early years, will see a slowing of virus effectiveness. Being vaccinated, will be the way of the future, much like Flu, Polio, etc, etc.

I'd be really interested in seeing a side by side timeline, with deaths as a percentage of population, of Covid and the Spanish Flu of last century.

I'm reliably informed that the Spanish Flu found traction,  in the swine farms of the American south.









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 None life threatening preexisting include , Asthma, Emphysema, High Blood Pressure, Low White Blood Cell Count amongst others.

I would be happy to get any except the inefficient Sinovac. Rumors going around now that Non-Imm visas will not be extended without proof of jab, yet expats still cannot get jabbed. They can’t deport us since both No airlines and no other country would accept unjabbed PAX, so IDC is going to be overcrowded with unjabbed expats, a breeding ground for Covid.

Make the vaccine available before implementing these rules, which I agree to in principle as long as I have been offered vaccination before they try to deport me.

More countries should do that, no jab then fuck off home


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Whether  the arguments for not becoming vaccinated sound reasonable or not: at the end of the day unvaccinated people can catch the virus with potentially serious consequences and find themselves in intense care. In Salzburg/Austria they prepare triage, meaning to decide if somebody will have to die. Which is why intensce care is full of non-vaccinated people. All vaccines *** together have done a great job over the last 18 months and I am asking myself what the hell are these people waiting for?

*** To avoid mekong getting a heart attack I exclude sino-something, but for tactical reason only.

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People are refusing because they are ill informed and come with stupid figures which they interpret in a completely wrong way.

I am discussing with an anonymous twitter account in Dutch. The account was made in October 2021. Person claims to be a mathematics professor.

So the anon quotes one statistic from one hospital. Which says 63% of people in hospital are vaccinated. Against 85% of Dutch population is vaccinated. So anon claims. unvaccinated have a lower chance to end in the hospital. I ask if he has ever really attended mathematics classes as to my calculations it means unvaccinated have a lot higher chance with these figures.

But he keeps arguing (without proof) he is a mathematics professor and I am not. So other idiots in the discussion believe him. This is why people refuse to vaccinate. They believe a completely anonymous person claiming to be a professor, without evidence. Whom obviously misinterprets numbers they themself present from only one hospital.

People are stupid. Which is why governments should implement mandatory vaccination or suspending civil liberties for people whom are to stupid to make decisions and see the blinding obvious. This person is even calling for a civil war in the Netherlands because "although he is peace loving" he has reached boiling point.

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10 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

... In Salzburg/Austria they prepare triage, meaning to decide if somebody will have to die. Which is why intensce care is full of non-vaccinated people....

A few months ago there were reports of the triage, happening, in the states of 'merica, and warnings of the likely outcomes.

This situation hasn't changed, but I think the media are not emphasising this story,  on account of stupid people in combat gear turning up at hospitals, armed to the teeth and fighting about it, because of "rights".

I'd suggest a reading of the item at the following link , from Auckland, where we've got it, too, along with other parts of the world.



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Looking rough and tough...

The situation here in Germany's fourth wave turns dramatic, especially here in Bavaria and in Saxony, federal states the vaxination rate is lowest. Hospitals are getting close to their limits.
Reasons are to a large part the low vaxxination rates combined with several political issues. For one we have not learned our lessons from last autumn and opened up too early. We are in transition from the old government, which is now a caretaker government to the new government coalition, which is presently forming. 
We may have been to intimidated by the discourse fields of corona deniers, and wanted to avoid political tensions.
As to the corona deniers, German society did not exactly live up to its reputation as this dry, boring and basically science trusting population, but has in parts exposed itself as the idiots of western Europe.

Last Saturday i was taking photos in Vienna in Austria, where recently a new lockdown and a vaccination mandate has been decided, and which saw the probably largest protests against restrictions in the German speaking zone this year, with almost 40 000 highly emotional protesters. It shows that they still have massive mobilization capacities.
One of the many absurdities was that the protesters, who see themselves as defending civil rights and democracy, and stand for love and peace, were in their main march led by members of the far right identitarian movement, now forbidden in Austria, and who carried banners that said: "Control the borders, not our people", and similar far right memes. While corona protesters call people who support the restrictions "Schlafschafe" (sleeping sheep), they themseves walked behind these neonazis and football hooligans like sheep themselves without seeing the total contradictions.

Fortunately i was not attacked, this time, and only once shouted at during the protests.

It seem to turn into a rather interesting winter here in this part of the world... 

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