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Germany Thread


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1- Cav has in a previous post said that he's in contact with the board member who is Nostitz and posted content from him.

2- I believe that Cav had already linked the two names but as ou are correct I'll alter my post for the board name...

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28 minutes ago, Coss said:

Mr Nostitz -has a public persona unrelated to this board and has been discussed many times before, in particular his work in the journalistic field. And photos of the night life you know.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nick_Nostitz



Had a public persona unrelated to this board until such time as you posted his Public details alongside his board name.

The wiki link posted does not make reference to his board name, sort of redundant actually.

If Cav has previously linked his public and board names, it is up to you, as a moderator, to edit such posts and not use it as an excuse of “well since he did it so can I” hence my two wrongs don’t make a right post.

According to Board Rules, which as a Moderator I would expect you to uphold,


Posting information which could lead to the identification of individuals is forbidden.

I didn’t make the rules, but I try my best to follow them

Just the other week there was an instance In the “What Movie Just….” Thread, if I had repeated the Board Members name would that have been acceptable “because someone else did it first”, I am sure you know the answer to that.

Not having. a go per se, just a little rant 😝

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Germany to pull the plug on three of its last six nuclear plants


I'm asking: How has been the experience of this power source? And is the deceasing, of the plants, political (Greenies)? or practical (worn out equipment)?

Not because I am anti or pro Nukeler ('merican spelling) power, but out of genuine interest, as my impression of Germany Persons (they, him, she) are that they tend to do things, after having thought them through, carefully.

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