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Germany Thread


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A Nuclear Power Plant is usual Designed with a 40 year Operational Lifecycle after the which then operations and maintenance costs usually exceed operational income and they are decommissioned.

From the article I see the ones in Germany are nearing the 40 years so appear to fall under this General “Rule of Thumb”

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Further to the above, Conventional Plants, Power Generation and Oil & Gas are usually designed for Lifecycle / Life Span of 25 Years for M&E (Mechanical and Electrical Systems) and 40 years for Civil (Buildings and Foundations) 

Today, Nuclear are usually 40 years M&E and 65 for Civil.

An article about Extending Life Span if you are bored and want to read.

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As it happens just today 3 more powerplants shut down for ever, 3 left afterwards til 2022.

Political decision from 2011 after the Fukushima desaster, people do not want them any more. Main reason being no solution for nuclear wastage and tecnical risk. There are powerplants 1 hour from here in Belgium which would have shut down here years ago due to unreliability, so nobody can escape really from this tecnology. End of coal powerplants 2038.

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On the face of it, German energy policy seems nearly as screwed up as the UK, and that’s saying something.

They are shutting down Nukes and replacing with Coal, and when they phase out Coal will require more Gas Power Plants

Wind power cannot be relied upon, the UK has 15GW of installed Wind Generation capacity, usually only generates 10Gw and for the whole of last week less than 2Gw.

How to make up the shortfall, don’t say Batteries, the footprint of such would be the same as a conventional power plant for 1Gw so a shortfall of 8 for 7 days would require batteries the size of 1,392 (8Gw x 7 days x 24 hours)) power plants for storage currently the UK has 1.3Gw of Battery capacity, or 0.1% of what is required based on just last weeks generation data.

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Dark Matter. We know almost nothing about it. 

Much like the situation, vis a vis electricity, before we discovered how that worked...

Some one soon, will have an epiphany and figure out that Dark Matter can provide lotsa free energy, on account of being where energy goes to die, when we don't know where it's gone...


maybe these guys - their parents must be so proud...




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Germany arrests 25 people over alleged far-right coup plot

The followers of the Reich Citizens were allegedly preparing ‘to violently force their way into the German parliament’.

...22 arrested individuals were German citizens and were detained on suspicion of “membership in a terrorist organisation” while three others allegedly supported the organisation, including a Russian citizen.

Al Jazeera’s Dominic Kane, reporting from Berlin, said that those involved in the plot were “heavily armed”.

“It is suggested that these people have believed that there is a deep state operating in Germany, which is antithetical to Germany’s interests and that this Russian national with others may have tried to approach the Russian Federation for some assistance,” he said...


Russia has denied any involvement in an alleged coup in Germany.

The Kremlin said on Wednesday that the incident was nothing to do with them.



Much like the Oath keepers, et al, in the USA.


Even NZ has a "Sheriff" movement - https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/300555020/the-selfproclaimed-sheriffs-who-want-to-arrest-the-authorities

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Yes, the same bunch of people, whom, were advising a distressed couple, with a new infant, who needed an urgent heart operation, to stay alive, to refuse blood transfusions, from "Jabbed" or "Vaxxed" blood donors, via the national blood service.

Went to court, they lost. Doctors and sanity won.


Back to crystals and dream catchers for them.




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