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'I met my IS captor on a German street'


A Yazidi teenager sold into slavery by Islamic State has told the BBC of her horror after she escaped to Germany, only to come face-to-face with her captor in the street.

Ashwaq was only 14 when Islamic State fighters stormed into northern Iraq, including the heartland of the Yazidi people.

They took thousands of women as sex slaves, including Ashwaq - sold for $100 to a man named Abu Humam.

Raped and beaten, she managed to escape three months later and then went to Germany with her mother and one brother.

A few months ago, on the street outside a supermarket, she heard someone call out her name.

Ashwaq told the BBC: "On the way back to school a car pulled up next to me. He was sitting in the front seat. He talked to me in German and asked: 'Are you Ashwaq?' I was so scared I was shaking. I said: 'No, who are you?'"

She said he then replied: "I know you are Ashwaq, and I am Abu Humam."




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Chemnitz, Germany, has become a flashpoint for a rebellion against mass migration and open borders, as thousands of outraged citizens have been protesting the stabbing death of a German man involving migrant suspects.

Following the death of 35-year-old Daniel Hillig, a local carpenter who leaves behind a widow, migrants from Syria and Iraq were apprehended, according to details in a leaked arrest warrant.

The Iraqi, aged 22, has an extensive list of prior convictions and had been facing deportation for some time, Kronen Zeitung reports.

Some unconfirmed reports indicate Hillig may have been attempting to stop the sexual assault of a woman when he was attacked.

Backlash has been on-going and growing over the past week, with thousands of Germans marching in the streets, calling for Angela Merkel's resignation and blasting the "Lügenpresse" for not reporting the truth about how migration is radically transforming Germany.

Chemnitz mayor Barbara Ludwig has declared a "state of emergency" for the city, stating, "We won’t allow for the right and right-wing thinking to undermine the state."

International media has roundly condemned the protests in Chemnitz as an uprising of the "far-right" and "neo-Nazis," however many reports and video evidence contradict these claims, indicating that a fringe element is vastly outnumbered by "average" German citizens who have reached their breaking point.

"I can't go into the city anymore with my grandchildren," one man said. "My wife, my daughter-in-law went to the city not too long ago, and in front of the cops, Arab citizens - young men, well-dressed, stylish with a mobile phone - went past her: 'Wanna f**k? Wanna f**k?' And I ask myself, is that normal?"

"If I did that four years ago, they would have taken me away as a sexual offender. . . Why do you dismiss this?"

The grandfather also claimed that protests were fueled in part after an "Arab" migrant spit on a grave and said, "Sh***y German," and was subsequently beaten up by bystanders.

As others voiced support for the grandfather's claims, another man chimed in, saying, "As a German, you go to jail if you can't pay your taxes, and such people remain free. This is incomprehensible."

"You always reverse the facts. Everyone is a 'Nazi' who is angry about this, about the unacceptable conditions in this country."

Protests in Chemnitz are expected to continue this week.


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Chemnitz Protester: ‘I Can’t Take My Daughter or Wife Into the City Anymore Because of Harassment by Migrants’

German town becomes epicenter of anti-mass migration sentiment

Video out of Chemnitz shows a German citizen at an anti-mass immigration protest explaining how he can’t take his wife and daughter in law into town anymore because of harassment by Muslim migrants.

Chemnitz has been the epicenter of several clashes between anti-migrant protesters and leftists over the last week following the stabbing of 35-year-old Daniel Hillig by a Syrian and an Iraqi migrant.

The clip features several demonstrators attempting to explain to a leftist why they are protesting.



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Mr Cavanami I am seriously touched by your permanent concern about Germany´s well-being . But the only thing I can see melting down at the moment are Donald´s brain cells. And as it looks I have a lot of sympathisers within the White House sharing my opinion. If you read the tape recording of the Trump/Woodward phoneconversation you know what I mean.

The people in Chemnitz are a mixture of neonazi/hooligan futureless fuckups and normal citizens worrying about too many refugees. You forgot to meation that some days after 65.000 assembled to show different views. And the truth is that some of the migrants are ready to kill for whatever breaks their fuse. Alltogether I would estimate the total number of migrant based killings should  now about  average the standard US highschool massacre. I would therefore recommend to keep on selling machine guns to anybody but send all buyers home from where their families once have immigrated into the US. Don´t send Trump.

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Mr. Bubi....this is the Germany thread so your comments on the duly elected USA president do not rightly belong here. The Woodward guy wrote a book so he will give anyone a blowjob to promote his BS book. Always consider the source and why it is being done.

Have you ever heard that when one ignores history that they are doomed to repeat it.
Reference the events in Germany in the 1930s and now their march to Weimar 2.0.
Are you aware of the surveillance on AfD?
Reference how that short guy with the mustache went from being a republican that was sent to spy on the Nazis to becoming a Nazi himself.  This lad sums it up:




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More actual info for your consideration.

When you ignore that the vast bulk of protestors were not far right, but label them as such, you psychologically enforce an "us vs them" mentality in which people are fractured along increasingly dichotomous lines

The Chemnitz Response is why the Actual Far Left and Right Will Keep



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Mr Cavanami the difficulty with your pieces is always that you seem to read things which nobody said. I did never quantify any of the Chemnitz participants. You would not be able to really separate the groups from each other because the hardcore Neonazis do not appear like a hooligan but in suits. They have learned the lesson. What you have seen in Chemnitz has been a Saxony classic for many years. They were already after the Vietnamese and Cubans at DDR times. To make sure your sleep is not endangered I may explain you that other than your heavily disturbed video heroes wish to think there is not the slightest danger that the 1933 times may come back. Germany is doing far too well, migrants included, that the vast majority would be willing to give this up. 280.000 of the recently seen immigrants have already been absorbed by finding jobs paying tax and social security. Bad news for you but finally we will make it.

The real problem also from my point of view is that rejected refugees are not taken out right away . The Federal Republic is far too soft in handling these people.

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