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Oh, so the Spanish and Portuguese in South America, Spanish in Philippines Poteugese in Macon, the French and Belgium’s in North Africa, the French is SE Asia (cause of Vietnam War) the Dutch in South Africa and “Dutch East Indies†(Indonesia) didn’t happen then?


That is right just ignore history and blame the Brits for everything



@Mekong: Relax, I know bashing Britain is kind of fashionable for some people these days and, although I disagree with the way the current British government is handling things, I am not going to start bashing Britain


Didn't mean that, sorry my post got misunderstood, was trying to tease Flashermac (and remind other Americans that without the kingdom of France's help the USA wouldn't probably exist today)


-> of course all colonial nations (including the USA) are more or less the same, and without the British my country wouldn't exist (we would most probably all be French citizens).


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Actually BS (British Standards) are more strict than European Standards and most of EU Standards (IEC, IEEE etc) are an adaption of BS.   The UK did quite OK before we joined “Johnny Foreigner†w

I, Donald Trump, look forward to not meeting anyone in Britain, England   I’d like to start by thanking myself bigly for finding the time to talk to you at this press conference. As many of you wi

Just a small point guys, but it's not England who are leaving the EU (they can't as they are not a member of the EU) it's the UK that is leaving!

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Ah Brexit...what a mess - people voted leave for many reasons , eg. reducing immigration,but much of the immigration people don`t like is from outside the EU so it won`t make any difference anyway :grinyes: ...Also the much publicised £ 350 mill. / week we send to the EU well the UK`s divorce bill will ensure we keep paying in for years to come - great,which set of geniuses negotiated this ? There is a new acronym in circulation which nicely sums up progress so far -- BRINO -- Brexit in name only :hubbahubba:

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The French didn't help the revolting Americans out of the goodness of their hearts. They did so to try to recover their lost lands in North America. And as soon as US independence was recognized, the Froggies tried to limit their wetsern border to the Prclamation Line of 1763, one of the cause of the war in the first place. France wanted a small, weak USA if could dominate. However, Britain gave everything east of the Mississippi River to the new USA, to make it strong enough not to be a French puppet. Furthermore, within 15 years of the war's end, the Americans were engaged in a war against France. :)


"The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was issued October 7, 1763, by King George III following Great Britain's acquisition of French territory in North America after the end of the French and Indian War/Seven Years' War. It forbade all settlement west of a line drawn along the Appalachian Mountains, which was delineated as an Indian Reserve.


"This proclamation rendered worthless all land grants given by the government to British subjects who fought for the Crown against France. People throughout the various colonies were filled with indignation at having been unjustly shut out of the vast western wilderness and away from its resources. This anger was a foreshadowing of the discontent that would later arise during the American Revolution."








The Quasi-War (French: Quasi-guerre) was an undeclared war fought almost entirely at sea between the United States and France from 1798 to 1800. After the toppling of the French crown during the French Revolutionary Wars, the United States refused to continue repaying its debt to France on the grounds that it had been owed to a previous regime. French outrage led to a series of attacks on U.S. shipping, ultimately leading to retaliation from the U.S.




On 21 February 1797, Secretary of State Timothy Pickering told Congress that during the previous eleven months, France had seized 316 U.S. merchant ships. French marauders cruised the length of the Atlantic seaboard virtually unopposed. The United States government had nothing to combat them, as the navy had been abolished at the end of the Revolutionary War and its last warship sold in 1785. The United States had only a flotilla of small revenue cutters and a few neglected coastal forts.


Increased depredations by French privateers led to the rebirth of the U.S. Navy and the creation of the U.S. Marine Corps to defend the expanding U.S. merchant fleet. Congress authorized the president to acquire, arm, and man not more than twelve ships of up to twenty two guns each.




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Whilst there seem to be plenty of protests going on in the UK, about some orange baby, there also seem to be a bunch of Americans flying around in a couple of big helicopters, avoiding contact, with the British people, wherever possible.


Scaredy cat

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More Coss BS.....


1. It took the Trump haters 30 days to raise the money for the balloon. It took 3 days for the Khan haters, UK people, to raise the money for the Khan balloon that they intend to fly at a later date...


See the difference Coss????


2. The UK news media did not show the UK Trump supporters demonstrating in the UK....geee, image that, biased news! RT showed it....WOW, RT is now a better source then any UK news media!!!


Coss, fooled again!!!

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I just heard an interview of Nigel Farage on our Radio New Zealand, the interviewer being our Kim Hill, an excellent  practitioner of the form and at times, refreshingly acerbic.

Farage presents well, very erudite, seemingly educated and able to verbally and intellectually duel as a gentleman.

What he failed to do, was convince the listener, me, that he was not a racist, divisive, liar.

When asked why he was so proud to be close to Steve Bannon, the original progenitor of  "Wear your Racist label like a Badge of Honour", Farage said, "I am unaware of that". When pressed, on his association will all things racist, he weasel worded his way into, "The Elite just want to keep the less educated and the less intelligent down".


I've noticed this creeping into the politics in NZ too, the use of the proletariat, to advance the political fortunes, of people that are cynically attempting to manoeuvre, into a position of power.


T'were it not such vile path, I'd be tempted myself.

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We ( or they ) are heading for desaster. Without an agreement for example all planes from the EU and vice versa are loosing their landing rights, how is this going to work?  I may propose a  Union Of Temporarily Disturbed Normally Civilised Countries  (UTDNCC) under the leadership of President Donald and further encorporating the UK , Italy, Hungary and Poland. I do not consider Turkey as civilised although their leader seems to suffer from something serious and would as such be fully qualified . The leaders of this union should meet somewhere ( Boris for the UK ) and identify a new world order. Italy sorting out the financial side, Hungary and Poland responsible for human rights. Donald heading the promotional department and Boris fucks his hairdresser ( female ) .

I invite your enthusiastic agreement.

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