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Tablet bends 'like ancient scroll'

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A university in Canada has developed a tablet with a flexible screen that can rolled up. "We were inspired by ancient scrolls because their form allows for a more natural, uninterrupted experience of long visual timelines." says Dr Roel Vertegaal.

Meanwhile, major technology brands are racing to be the first to bring such flexible technology to the market.




You can also use it to swat flies.

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I had an aunt who had one, a proper pianola that was left behind when the US troops vacated one of the many airbases that they built and occupied in eastern England during the war. I think she had been rather "close" to one of the "boys"!

I saw it in the mid 60's, I guess it went along with the rest of her household when she went into care sometime in the 1980's I think. I recall a few boxes of the paper, only ever heard it play the once though. It was an upright and had a swing out candlestick on either side though that could have been a later "upgrade".


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My dad told me his parents had one. Apparently they were quite popular in the early 20th century. But he said when they moved in the early 1930s, they couldn't even give it away. They had to pay someone to haul it to the dump! The surviving one are worth quite a bit these days.

I wonder about their connection to punched-card-based data processing. Both based on the Jacquard Loom.



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