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Thai health insurance

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discussing the problem  who pays in case a Lao citizen in Siam would suffer from a serious health problem like f.e. the much sought after cancer. Cost money too mut I guess.

Madame Pam tells me she does have a sort of accident insurance but no such insurance that would cover hospital bills, operation etc should the situation arise. She further tells me it would cost 8000 Bht but could not specify within what time and what the company pays in case.

Does anybody have a guideline or maybe a recommendation how to proceed.

Thank you in advance.

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No clue about accident insurance but I use health insurance from Aetna (formerly Bupa). I've got the 2nd tier coverage for in patient care only (i.e. I need to be admitted in order for the insurance to cover the procedure). This costs about 14K/year. Cost is based on age.



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after I almost froze to death within the Bangkok Bank Exchange Tower and virtually felt grilled afterwards on Sukhumvit I wish to say that it is extremely hot at the moment .

Bangkok bank offers health insurance to a 43 year old lady ( lovely ) as follows :  yearly rates are 16.900 / 25.000 / 29.000

AIA  H&S extra  2500 / 4500 / 6500     no idea what that is

And then they pay :

Hospital room + board max 125 days    2500/4500/6500  per day

I.C.U double of above  max 30 days

In hospital consultation 800/1000/1200 per day

Surgery 80.000/100.000/120.000 / case

Anesthesist 8000/10000/12000 / case

Operation theatre + equipment benefit 12000/14000/16000 , don´t know what benefit could mean

Misc hospital expenses 20000/30000/40000 / case

Out patient diagnostic x-ray laboratory  3000/5000/7000

Out patient benefit per policy year 5000 /7000 / 9000  benefit see above

Out patient treatment benefit within 24 hours accidental emergency  5000 / 8000 / 10000 per injury

Out patient treatment for kidney dialysis chemotheraphy radiotherapy benenefit per policy year

Cashback benefit if no claims 2500 / 3500 / 10000    per year

Death benefit  10.000   all classes .

Over to you






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