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Can someone explain to me, why these Foofs are convinced, that posting photos of themselves trying to look "fabulous" when suffering from dislocated hips, is a desirable behaviour?



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An wot I've always thought, Fashion is for the gormless...



A shopper at Payless’ experimental luxury store “Palessi” paid $600 for a pair of Payless sneakers.

Payless took over a former Armani store in a mall, renamed it as “Palessi” and stocked the shop with its regular assortment of boots, pumps and leisure shoes—typically priced at $20 to $40—with a designer price tag of $200 to $600.  

Within a few hours, the fake luxury shoe store sold about $3,000 worth of shoes, mostly to fashion influencers invited to the event.

And, after the shoppers paid, staffers told them that the shoes were actually from Payless.  “They are elegant [and] sophisticated,” a buyer said of her new purchase in a video Payless posted on YouTube.  “I could tell it’s made with high quality material,” said another satisfied shopper.  

Payless said the people featured in the video were real customers, not actors.  Payless eventually refunded the buyers the inflated prices they paid.

But the company plans to use their testimonials in future commercials on social media and television.....   https://observer.com/2018/11/payless-palessi-fake-luxury-shop/

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