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Diabetes Meds (type 2)


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On 3/31/2020 at 4:15 PM, cavanami said:

I follow the keto diet and after a few months, am now completely off the diabetes medication!

Good on ya. I'm no expert,  my absolute feeling, is that the high sugar diet, westerners have is responsible, with anecdotal evidence thus ::

My mum, was diabetic for a long time, her failings were alcohol, white bread, sugar, any simple carbohydrates.  

When she was hospitalised for Stroke, (eventually stroking out over a months long period) her diet was normalised and her diabetes went away.

Personally, I have good success with the Ketogenic approach and if I can control my carbohydrate intake, I get quite slim and attractive to women.

Meat and cheese only,  can be quite smelly, which is where Som Tam / Tam Mahk Houng comes into play. Also leafy greens and raw unripe produce, is great. Sweet fruit, not so much.

Steve, I know you've been in depth, on the things you've mentioned, I'd be worried about beet supplements having sugar in them.

We have to remember that prior to industrialisation, the average Joe would only get sugar in any quantity, when he came across a tree full of ripe fruit, so, fleetingly, in a year.

And our digestive system has evolved over what? 900 million years, when groups of cells began to clump together and formed (prolly by accident) tubes that allowed the nutrient rich water to flow through them.

These tubes later became known as flat worms, that were just a mouth at one end and an arse at the other. Every animal with a digestive tract evolved from these.

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