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90 Day Online Check In


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Thanks. The photos of Chaengwattana right now look like total chaos. Wouldn't it have been easier and simpler just to announce that everyone on a tourist visa will be allowed a 30 day overstay without being fined? Hell, make it 60 days. There aren't even any flights toleave the country.


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On 11/13/2018 at 12:38 PM, cavanami said:

I did my 90 day check in online and a few hours later it came back, rejected.
OK, my bad?
I counted the days and the Immi website states 15 days prior is OK...today I am at 14 days...should be OK.

Hmmm, will try again tomorrow...

The most they'll do is fine you 2,000 baht if you don't report. I met a guy from the Bangkok Post who told me he never bothered with reporting. He'd just pay the 2,000 baht fine at each visa renewal.

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