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This is a non-USA thread .



sitting by the riverfront over the last 2 years at many occasion I watched a monster of concrete grow towards heaven. Unit has now materialised as a much deserved new de Luxe shopping mall topped by a number of apartments targeting at people living on a budget although willing and possibly able to spend a million and much more ( Yankee-Dollah). the building replaced a couple of Thai river police boatyards, sportsground and a muslim community. Another nail in the coffin of the historical Bangkok which contributed to my decision to move my local temporary headquarters downtown.

I wonder who might be willing to invest almost a daytrip for a Hermès handbag which is easily available at the Siam Paragon if it is urgent. And the Chinese won´t find the place. I suggest Mr Stick during his next ´unexpected´ trip to the Kingdom launches an investigative report and lets us know what the future looks like for the place.


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