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blood pressure at 189 plus a possible diabetes are the perfect secret killers. I know what I am talking about as I have been hit by a cardiac arrest 11 years ago due to undetected high blood pressure. No point in wasting theories here, gosee a well equipped hospital on Monday in case they are not operating tomorrow. Taking a few pills would normally solve the problem within a few months.



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Just my experiences, no advice given or suggested:

I had a massive stroke, flat out on the floor, unconscious, in 2017.

Fortunately MLG knew to call an ambulance immediately, and luckily, I was into Ambulance 1 and Hospital 1, inside an hour and into Ambulance 2 and Hospital 2 and onto an operating table inside hour 2. They stuck a claw up my femoral artery and removed the clot from my brain.

It would seem that I'm about as recovered as I can get. I put this down to Dabigatran as a medicine for preventing future clots. It doesn't thin the blood, but interferes, with the mechanism of clotting.

Also Metoprolol for a 30 year Atrial Fibrillation.

Allopurinol for Gout.

Can't drink any more, not by choice or circumstance, but actual physical rejection, of alcohol, I've tried and tried, but all I do is make myself very sick, when I have just two beers. I take one beer, once a month, as a monitoring stance, such is my cultural addiction to the stuff.

I've been working hard on fitness, mental and physical.

For physical I go kayak fishing. Bonus is, good fish for the table.

For mental, I read (on the 3 monitors I have, paper is obsolete) assiduously and daily. I also do things like website coding and music writing, not to any end, but to keep my hand in, so to speak.

I have an active participation on three internet forums and hope to last a few more years.

Oh and colonoscopy,  is good fun, they give you Fentanyl - I can see why this is a recreational drug problem, I'd take it all the time, it's a real feel good about things drug, it is.

62, too old for work and too young for a pension.


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On 2/26/2022 at 12:44 AM, dean said:

I’ve refused to see a Doctor for as long as possible but will see one on Monday.  In November, I saw a Dentist to finish what he started before Covid. Before starting, he checked blood pressure and said mine was at 189.  My fear isn’t dying but having a massive stroke and living for an additional 10 years in that state.  So, it looks like this 68 year old will have to take my health seriously.

If you are going to take your health seriously then get yourself a Blood Pressure Monitor, only $35 off Amazon, and use it

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I saw a Doctor and it turns out that my blood pressure wasn’t as high as I thought: 140/82. It must have been abstaining from soft drinks for 2 weeks.  Also, not a diabetic, at least not yet.  I. Do have bad cholesterol at 290, so I’m taking cholesterol medication now. I suppose next is a colonoscopy but that’s about it for now.  All things considered, I got off easy. 

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