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Cowed By Social Media, Bangkok Taco Bell To Add Beef


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I didn't know that Taco Bell was here. When did that happen? Every Thai I know who'd studied in the US loved Taco Bell. A friend looked into starting one here, but Taco Bell was demanding one million baht just for the rights to a single franchise.

Really great advertising when no one even knows Taco Bell is in Bangkok. .

p.s. I once had tuna tacos at a Cesar Chavez fund raiser in San Francisco many years ago. They were great. So what's the big deal over beef?


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4 hours ago, passingthru69 said:

Flashermac, they sell fish tacos in the States. Basically battered deep fried fish in a taco shell I believe. I don't eat fish, but the places that sell them, seem to do well

Yes very popular, and very good.  Very popular in bars.

Flashermac, a Cesar Chavez fundraiser?  Viva la Huelga!!


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