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Thai police seize THB2 million worth of illegal sex toys and pills in Bangkok


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One hopes that, this puritan attitude towards Sanook does not grow further...

Thai military police raided multiple street vendors along Bangkok’s Sukhumvit road yesterday, confiscating THB2 million (about US$64,000) worth of illegal sex toys and pills.

Around 9pm last night, the deputy chief of the Internal Security Operation Command (ISOC), Col. Viroj Nongbualang, and Lumpini police investigated sex toy shops in the capital’s Watthana district — near the Nana BTS station — a very popular area for both tourists and locals looking for adult-oriented products.



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It's long been the case that these have been "illegal" and I think their proliferation on the stalls of Sukhumvit is in someways just a bit super tacky, and wholly unnecessary for the most part. This current action is purely a tourist event however, the markets of Ban Moh and Klong Thom are still stacked with these if that's what you are after.

There's another aspect to this though. The quality, as available in Thailand is abysmal, most products being inferior replicas of the original. I mean here the original electrically powered version as opposed to the original in its more, er, human state. Build quality, durability and power are three key areas and most locally available products simply do not compare. It seems likely that much of this stock is simply shipped cross border from a junk factory located in China.

Hand carrying from a more liberal country whilst it might still be illegal, though I'm not sure if stated for personal use should anyone question it, is a superior alternative. In an IoT world bluetooth and even network connected toys are a reality and provide another level of control, and I've not seen those on Suk.

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