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‘Porn Pedallers Cycling Club’ has British Cycling affiliation revoked


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The club, which caters for cycling enthusiasts working in adult entertainment, will not be recognised by the governing body

A cycling club for riders working in the adult entertainment industry has had its British Cycling affiliation revoked.

The ‘Porn Pedallers Cycling Club,’ a London-based group, were informed of the decision on Tuesday (March 5).

British Cycling revoked the affiliation after it became aware what the name, PPCC, stood for.

The decision relates to UCI regulations, which say that a licence-holder, UCI team or cycling competition cannot be sponsored by a product that might damage image of the organisation.

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Don’t get me started on Equal Rights

Too Late you have

Yesteray 8 March was “International woman’s day” Why we not have “Inernational Mans day” Oh that woukd be sexist, Ther is even Women in Ebgineering Week!

In the Uk we have stupid  shit such as “”Black policeman award” imagine the uproar if we had a white Policeman award. The Black Buiseness Man of th Year award, like what the fuck is that.

Oh I’m so sorry I don’t align with LBGT I refuse to wear rainbow shoelases 

So let’s recap, we have days for women, week for women in Engineering, ไawards for being either Black or Gay . Sexism  Racism and homophobia ....    oh please

I am in the minority now I need a day a White Hetosexual Male Engineer 

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