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‘Porn Pedallers Cycling Club’ has British Cycling affiliation revoked


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on this off topic topic...


This article - New Zealand ranks 18th out of 100 in global study on best country for women to live in - is based on a study, noted in same.

My Comment :: All below is a generalisation, you know, the 90% of the bell curve, that forms the middle.

If we go back to caveman days, we can clearly see that Men were good at hunting, ranging over the countryside in all directions and things that required physical strength, like fighting and moving furniture.

Women on the other hand, were good at communication, foraging in the local environs (shopping) and bonding with sprogs that popped out regularly. They also knew that men liked bonking and how to leverage that desire against beneficial prospects for self and kids.

So for the longest of times can see that women, just about never, existed in isolation to men, and depended in a large way, on men for their food supply and protection.

Roll on to the world, post 1960's and the sexual revolution.

Despite suffrage and in most modern democratic countries, laws that guarantee women equality, there is a chorus of voices, that never silences, that proclaim women's inequality and victimhood for same.

Referring to to the study noted to above, I can tell you that women in NZ, get positive discrimination at every step and it has become ingrained in their day to day behaviour.

Vis, I drive a lot locally on a daily basis and encounter numerous pedestrian crossings. I can tell you that men and children always look, before they step onto a crossing, but that 90% of women do not, they just step on to the crossing, head held high, in a defiant manner, like a Galleon sailing before a strong breeze.

It is their right, you see, I have even seen women, who, on account of my car already traversing the crossing, spit tacks, when it is obvious, they cannot progress onto the crossing, because there's a 2 ton automobile already there.

Back to the study above, you'll note that the best places for women to live, are Norway, Sweden and Canada. Other countries rank further down the list.

My suggestion is that, the more vociferously the women complain, the more likely their country, ranks poorly in the study.

Or, Norway, Sweden and Canada have a large proportion of their women who are happy with their lot. I wonder why NZ laws and customs are so different to Norway, Sweden and Canada? Or are they?

Maybe Norway, Sweden and Canada's men are not very manly, and the rest of us are C*nts...

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