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Julian Assange: Wikileaks co-founder arrested in London


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UK judge refuses US extradition request of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange


A British judge has rejected the United States' request to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to face espionage charges, saying it would be “oppressive'' because of his mental health.

District Judge Vanessa Baraitser said Monday Assange was likely to commit suicide if sent to the US

The US government said it would appeal the decision.

US prosecutors have indicted Assange on 17 espionage charges and one charge of computer misuse over WikiLeaks' publication of leaked military and diplomatic documents a decade ago. The charges carry a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison.....


If they're worried about his mental health, maybe they could keep him in Epstein's old cell...

And if I'm ever arrested for anything, my defence will be - "I'll commit suicide if you hold me accountable for my actions"

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And in more schadenfreude

A British judge denied bail for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, just days after she rejected a US request to extradite him to America.

The US said it would appeal against the decision on Monday and asked for Assange to be remanded in custody while that process was ongoing.

Judge Vanessa Baraitser said in her Wednesday ruling that "there are substantial grounds for believing that if Mr. Assange is released today he would fail to surrender to court and face the appeal proceedings."


Now if I wanted to release all the stuff that Assange has done, all the stuff that 'merica is so upset about, I'd find away to do so, without my name appearing with it, and I definitely wouldn't liaise with any political campaigns and run and jump and attention whore myself, in front of cameras and media.


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