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North Korea test-fires a new tactical-guided weapon


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North Korea announced that it has test-fired a new type of tactical guided weapon.  

The Korean Central News Agency says Chairman Kim Jong Un observed the firing of the weapon by the Academy of Defence Science.  

The agency reports that Kim said "the development of the weapon system serves as an event of very weighty significance in increasing the combat power of the People's Army."  

The agency says Kim mounted an observation post to learn about the test-fire of the new-type tactical guided weapon and guide the test-fire...



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Kim has ordered the one for the USA removed. Doesn't want to talk to the Yanks anymore.


North Korea demands removal of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo from talks

North Korea has demanded the removal of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo from nuclear talks, accusing him of "talking nonsense" and being "reckless".

A senior foreign ministry official said that further talks would be "lousy" if Mr Pompeo was involved, asking that he be replaced by someone "more careful".

It comes after North Korea said it had tested a new "tactical guided weapon". The test is the first since a February summit in Hanoi between the countries' leaders ended without an agreement. Mr Pompeo visited North Korea four times last year - including for a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Last week, during a US Senate subcommittee hearing, Mr Pompeo was asked if he would agree with descriptions of Mr Kim as a "tyrant", he then responded: "Sure, I'm sure I've said that."

This was met with a strong reaction from North Korean foreign ministry official Kwon Jong-gun, who said that Mr Pompeo "spouted reckless remarks, hurting the dignity of our supreme leadership... to unveil his mean character". Mr Kwon also blamed Mr Pompeo for the abrupt ending to the Hanoi summit....






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Kim is just bargaining for position. This was a small short range missile, no big deal. It was a poke in the ribs to remind Trump that he is still around. Kim wants the sanctions removed and is trying to get Trump to compromise. Also, it was a bit "gauche" of Pomelo to say that Kim is a "tyrant". What was the point in stating the obvious?


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Nice to see that Trump sorted out the liddle North Korea problem, Not.


North Korea fired projectiles toward its eastern sea Wednesday, South Korea’s military and Japan’s government said, in an apparent display of its expanding military capabilities ahead of planned nuclear negotiations with the United States this weekend.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff did not immediately confirm what the weapons were, how many were fired or how far they flew.

But Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the North fired two ballistic missiles from the country’s east coast, and one of them appeared to have landed inside Japan’s exclusive economic zone off its northwestern coast. There were no reports of damage to Japanese vessels or aircraft traveling in the area, he said. The North had not fired a weapon that reached inside Japan’s EEZ since November 2017 at the height of an unusually provocative run in nuclear and missile tests.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe condemned the launches and said they violate U.N. resolutions against the North.


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19 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

I thought this was all sorted and we were going to have a 2nd President getting the Nobel peace prize? What happened? 

What happened? Are you living under a rock? 

With the constant, meaningless and false attacks on President Trump, theses have undermined his efforts. 

So the traitorous Dems  continue the USA. Understand? 

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2 hours ago, cavanami said:

With the constant, meaningless and false attacks on President Trump, theses have undermined his efforts. 


You don't get a Nobel prize after you make efforts to get one, you get a Nobel, cause you did something good, Trump has not.

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