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North Korea test-fires a new tactical-guided weapon


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On 10/11/2020 at 8:39 AM, Coss said:

Kim Jong Un insists North Korea has no Covid-19 victims


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un speaks during the 75th Worker's Party celebration in Pyongyang. This image comes from Korean Central TV footage, which aired on October 10. Korean Central TV

Squeezed into his best shapewear bodysuit, the one that is so tight, his face goes red - 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un spoke to a large, mask-less crowd in Pyongyang saying he was thankful for the country not having a single coronavirus victim. 

Speaking at the 75th anniversary of the Worker's Party, Kim appeared to choke up while mentioning the hardships North Korea had gone through such as natural disasters -- the country suffered damage during typhoon season -- and disease prevention. 
Some in the crowd were crying as well. 

He hoped South Korea will overcome the coronavirus situation and that the two sides can "hold hands together," Kim said. 

The North Korean leader entered the parade without a mask, kissing children who gave him flowers. There appeared to be no social distancing among the crowd, who were not wearing masks either. 

Few experts believe that North Korea, a country of nearly 25 million people which shares a border with China, could have escaped the effects of a pandemic that has infected more than 36 million people worldwide, and killed more than 1 million people. 

and ::




North Korea unveiled what analysts believe to be one of the world's largest ballistic missiles at a military parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Workers' Party broadcast on state-run television on Saturday.

The massive weapon was carried by an 11-axle truck at the climax of the almost two-hour ceremony and military parade in the capital of Pyongyang.

Analysts said the new missile is not known to have been tested, but a bigger weapon would allow North Korea to put multiple warheads on it, increasing the threat it would pose to any targeted foe.

"Largest *road-mobile* liquid-fueled missile anywhere, to be clear," tweeted Ankit Panda, senior fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.


I hope I'm nowhere near North Korea when they light the touch paper on that one, a big hole in North Korea, is my prediction.




Kim Jong Un mobilizes North Korea's military in response to Covid-19 outbreak

Changed his mind Mr kim Jong Un, has.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has mobilized the military to respond to the country's first officially acknowledged outbreak of Covid-19, as the impoverished nation scrambles to address what state media has described as a "major national emergency."

Link =  https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Kim+Jong+Un+mobilizes+North+Korea's+military+in+response+to+Covid-19+outbreak&t=osx&ia=web


I wonder if, shooting the Covid Virus with guns will work. And if the populace will revolt.

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32 minutes ago, Coss said:


I wonder if, shooting the Covid Virus with guns will work. And if the populace will revolt.

It doesn’t, Prayut in Thailand has already demonstrated that failure.

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If North Korea has Covid beat, why buy 1 million face masks from China?


Prolly because a mask will muffle the screams, when the covid virus, is being shot out of people.

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